A heart-healthy Valentine’s dessert

hearts and cookies

We love sweets almost as much as we love knitting and crocheting, so, in honor of Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, we’d like to share a heart-healthy dessert recipe you can make tonight.

cupcakeBy simply using egg whites instead of whole eggs and replacing cream cheese with cottage cheese, you can whip up a batch of these healthy and delicious Devil’s Food Cupcakes. Just be careful not to spill the yummy sauce on your project!

If you want to display your delectable desserts beautifully, the Stars and Shells Place Mats (Love of Crochet, Summer 2013) or Candlelit Evening candle holders(Love of Knitting, Special Occasions Issue, 2013) would certainly bring some romance to your table setting.

What are your favorite heart-healthy desserts?