Fibers for any season

A while back, we asked our friends on the Love of Knitting Facebook page if they break the “rules” by sometimes making or wearing cotton projects in the winter and wool ones in the summer. The answer was a resounding YES, and we were happy to learn that we are in good company with our fellow crafty rebels.

Summer Fields shawlAlthough the warmth of wool and the breathable nature of cotton definitely contribute to the idea that they are better suited for certain seasons, there is no reason we can’t mix it up once in a while! I made the Summer Fields shawl from the Summer 2013 Issue of Love of Crochet in the beautiful Ultra Pima cotton by Cascade Yarns, and I am happy to report that it has kept me warm and comfy on this winter morning in Colorado.

It’s nice to be assured that there are no hard and fast rules in crafting. Knitting and crocheting are fun ways for us to be creative and make something we love – regardless of the season.