See it. Try it. LOVE it! – If at first you don’t succeed…

All of us here at the Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet office have been eager to learn some new skills as we See it. Try it. LOVE it!, and we finally had a chance to sit down and test the waters.


After picking our projects and yarn, we planned a special “yarn time” so we could help each other as we learned.

See Try Love - working on 1 inch
Testing the waters of our new crafting endeavors

This yarn time was not nearly as chatty as usual because we were all concentrating on holding our tools and creating each stitch. We made a tiny bit of progress on our projects, and when we got a bit more comfortable we began chatting about the challenges we were experiencing. Maybe I should just admit it – that’s a nice way of saying we were whining! 🙂

Autumn Entrelac
Jen’s first few base triangles

Jen, everyone’s knitting and crochet lifeline, is making the Autumn Entrelac Shawl. She had a hard time figuring out where to put the hook for the Tunisian crochet M1. With knitting, there are distinct places to insert the needle when creating new stitches. However, in Tunisian crochet she found that as long as she inserted her hook somewhat close to the space (you could go under two strands, only under one, or even in the hole between two stitches), the pattern seemed to work out fine. She found the Tunisian stitches easy enough to create, but she is wondering about her tension and choice of hook. She may try to go down a hook size, but this might just be her perfectionism acting up again.

Kathy, a first-time knitter (and crochet-aholic) making the Palisades Scarf, mentioned that she was having trouble remembering which way to insert her needle and wrap her yarn as she knit and purled. We tried sharing ways to help her remember, but we’d love to hear any hints you have too!

Danielle, our new crocheter making the Charcoal Neckwarmer, said that she has trouble knowing where to insert her hook. She’s used to knitting and the neatly ordered line of stitches on the needle telling you exactly where your next one should be.

I’m new to Tunisian crochet, and I’m making the Ocean Breeze Placemats and Coasters. I started with the tweedy coaster which has a color change on every left side, and I had trouble with the last stitch of my forward pass. It’s pretty easy to miss, and this caused me to lose stitches a couple of times.

Even though we all struggled a bit, we had fun challenging ourselves and trying something new. We have a bit more confidence now, and we’re going to keep plugging along. I’ll keep you posted as we get a little further into our projects.

See it, Try it 3
We made some progress!

Watching us all fumble with our needles, hooks, and yarn reminded me of my first crocheting experience. The awkward feeling of the hook in my hand and the super tight stitches I created made it seem like I’d never get the hang of it. However, not long after that I was obsessively crocheting dozens of granny squares for no reason at all! With that, I’ll leave you with some advice from Adventure Time’s Jake the Dog.

Jake the dog advice

What challenges did you experience when you first learned to knit or crochet? Visit us on Facebook and tell us how you overcame them!

See it. Try it. Love it! – Finding fabulous fibers


All of us here at the Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet office have dedicated ourselves to learning crafty new skills. Each one of us had a specific skill or technique that seemed to both haunt and inspire us. Every time we would see a pattern featuring it, we would think to ourselves, “I NEED to try that!”

See it. Try it. Love it! was born when we realized that all crafters seem to experience this same urge to learn and create. Even if we never move beyond garter stitch scarves, something initially inspired us to pick up our needles and knit our first wonky creation!

Jen's stash

We’ve picked the projects that will help us learn our new skills, and now we are in the process of picking our yarn. Sifting through the heaps of fabulous fiber in Jen’s office is always a treat. I love playing with different color combinations and textures, trying to find the perfect yarn for my project.

Yarn piles
Piles upon piles of gorgeous yarn

We’ll keep you posted about the yarns we choose, but be sure to visit us on the Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet Facebook pages in the meantime! Tell us – do you find yarn selection to be a fun part of the process, or would you rather just grab some yarn and get to the crafting?

We’re learning new skills – stay tuned for details!

It’s no secret – all of us here at the Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet office love us some yarn! Every now and again we’ll take an hour or so to chat, craft, and share our latest works-in-progress. Some of us are knitters and some are crocheters, so it’s fun and inspiring to see what you can create if you trade your needles for a hook or vice versa.

Kid learning to knitWell, we’re taking that inspiration to the next level! Kathy, a crochet-aholic, and Danielle, a nifty knitter, will be swapping their crafting tools. Crochet will always be my first love, but I do a bit of knitting as well, so I’ve decided to try Tunisian crochet because it seems like a cool hybrid of the two. Jen, our Editor-in-Chief, has tried almost everything – except Tunisian entrelac! She’ll be picking up her hook to see how well her knitting entrelac skills transfer to crochet.

We’ll choose our projects next week and share them with you on Friday, July 18th. Visit us here on our blog or on Facebook to see what we pick and wish us luck on our new crafting adventures!