Crochet Along–All done!

I have finished my Raspberry Tart Scarf from Love of Crochet’s Winter issue and I have to say it is quite gorgeous. Well, except for the part where I unintentionally went rogue.


Row3-4_Side2_CAM00063I realized as I was reading the directions for row 5 for the second half of the scarf, something wasn’t making sense. I referred back to the stitches I created in row 5 from the first half, and that’s when it hit me—I added some extra stitches. I checked the chart and sure enough, instead of adding just one single crochet in the middle cluster, I added single crochets between the clusters. It definitely took a few minutes to get past my “stunned” stage before I could think about what I should do next. I was only one row away from completing the scarf, so I definitely wasn’t going back. I accepted my defeat of row 5 and moved on.

20140414_100933_resizedDoing these extra stitches created wavy edges to my scarf instead of a flat, smooth edge. No big deal, but I was really hoping to make it look just like the original in the pattern for my first Crochet Along, but alas, it just wasn’t meant to be for this pattern. Maybe I am meant to free-style for the rest of my crochet life, but I don’t give up that easily. My next Crochet Along is already calling my name, begging me to try again. Look for the project in Love of Crochet’s Summer issue, on sale May 27!


Celebrating National Crochet Month

National Crochet Month is just beginning, and we’d like to share a few crafty ways to celebrate. Of course, every stitch you make during the month of March can be considered a mini-celebration of this wonderfully addictive craft, but we invite you to do something special – just for fun.

raspberry tart

Try joining a Crochet Along! We will be making the Raspberry Tart Scarf from our Winter 2013 Issue, beginning on March 14th, and we hope you take this opportunity to crochet along with us and make this beautiful, lacy scarf.

pinwheel blanketLearning a new skill is also a great way to celebrate. Have you always wanted to try Tunisian crochet? Check out this convenient video course from the Daily Craft, and learn how to make the darling Pinwheel Blanket from our Summer 2013 Issue of Love of Crochet!

yarn store

Finally, we officially give you permission to splurge on some gorgeous yarn this month! We know there are tons of fabulous fibers to choose from, so check out our 52 Weeks of Yarn reviews for a helpful starting point. If you’re eager to learn more about some of our favorite fibers, be sure to check out our Spring 2014 Issue when it goes on sale, March 25th.

We know this is only the tip of the iceberg, and there are countless ways to celebrate National Crochet Month! How will you celebrate?

Love of Crochet Winter 2013

Our Winter 2013 Issue is now on sale, and it is jam packed with stylish and fun projects. It was really tough to choose a handful to highlight for you here, but here are several (of the many) designs we can’t wait to stitch up.

21_LOC_6W13_RTS_1_200pxIf you’re looking for a fast and beautiful gift idea, the Raspberry Tart Scarf is the project for you! Crocheted with bulky yarn and a lacy stitch pattern, it will work up in a snap and make a great present for several people on your list.

03_LOC_6W13_SA_1_200pxAre you in the mood to make a gorgeous textured sweater? The Winter Frost sweater would be the perfect garment to keep you cozy in this chilly weather. Crocheted using post stitches, the front and back panels are truly stunning.

15_LOC_6W13_CLS_1_v2_200pxFor him, the Classic Letterman Sweater pairs a vintage vibe with a modern, fitted shape. He’s sure to stay warm and smartly dressed with this cardigan.

24_LOC_6W13_HHS_1_200pxFor the little darling in your life, the Happy Holiday Cape and Hat is a precious set that will instantly make the season a bit merrier. Crochet these pieces in no time, and give them as a gift that will be admired by the whole family.

25_LOC_6W13_FFT_1_200pxFinally, the Frozen Falls Throw is an easy and elegant afghan you’ll love to make. Whether you drape it over the couch in the living room or crochet it for a new baby, it’s bound to keep your loved ones warm and toasty.

Take a look at all of the fabulous patterns in our Winter 2013 Issue. You’ll definitely find a few (or a dozen) that you can’t wait to make!