Crochet Along – Pumpkin Treat Bag – We’re ready for Halloween!

We finished our adorable Trick and Treat Bag! In fact, it already saw some “action”at a fun community event over the weekend, but we can’t wait to go trick or treating with it again tonight.

finished pumpkin

I used the long tails on his eyes, nose, and mouth to sew the facial features onto the bag. Usually, finishing work like this isn’t my favorite part of a project (I’d much rather just continue crocheting!), but this little guy stitched up in a flash and I had a great time finishing him up. Between making this cute bag and trick or treating with my daughter, this truly is a happy Halloween!

Stephani’s Pumpkin Treat Bag

Stephani pumpkin

  Leonora’s Mummy Treat Bag

Leonora mummyWe’d love to see pictures of your Trick and Treat Bags. Stephanie and Leonora shared their bags with us on our Facebook page, and they are both so fun and fabulous! We love seeing what our friends are up to, so feel free to share pictures with us on Facebook or email them to us at We here at Love of Crochet wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

Crochet Along – Pumpkin Treat Bag – Leaves and swirls

We have now finished all the pieces for our Pumpkin Treat Bag! Our darling jack-o-lantern’s facial features are ready to sew on, and we’ve crocheted the leaves and swirl to add an extra special touch. In fact, I thought the swirl was so cute that I couldn’t help but make two of them. You can see them below next to my spooky witch hat.

Pumpkin bag leaves and spiralsI went ahead and attached the leaves and swirls to my pumpkin, and the facial features will be next. I plan on attaching his eyes, nose, and mouth later this evening so I’ll have it ready in time for our Halloween festivities over the weekend. However, I’m going to wait and show you my finished project on Halloween day because I think sharing pictures of our bags is the perfect way to celebrate.

Pumpkin bag leaves attached

We’ve already seen one adorable finished Pumpkin Treat Bag on our Facebook page, and we are so happy that Stephani shared it with us. Has anyone else finished one of the Trick-and-Treat Bags from our Fall Issue? You can post pictures on our Facebook page or email them to us at We can’t wait to see them!

Crochet Along – Pumpkin Treat Bag – Face

We took it easy on the Pumpkin Treat Bag from our Fall Issue this week, but we did finish crocheting his eyes, nose, and mouth. Attaching the pieces later will be a breeze because I left long tails for sewing.

pumpkin face off1

Now that my pumpkin’s features are really coming together, I must say – designer Ashley Briggs truly makes adorable patterns. I know my daughter will get tons of compliments on her bag this Halloween, and it has been such a fun project to crochet! How is your Trick and Treat bag coming along? Are you working on the Pumpkin, Frankenstein, or Mummy?

Crochet Along – Pumpkin Treat Bag – Handle and green trim

Our adorable Pumpkin Treat Bag from our Fall Issue is coming right along! I love fun, fast projects like this – especially when I know they will bring a smile to someone’s face. You can see that I’ve finished the orange bag portion of the pattern and added the green, scalloped edging around the top. The next instructions are for the handle, so I went ahead and attached it now to make my finishing work a little easier at the end.pumpkin with handle and scalloped green edgeYou could use your Pumpkin Treat Bag as a sweet candy dish all autumn long by simply omitting the face. However, I think his little smile is too cute to resist and I’ll definitely be making his eyes, nose, and mouth next!

How is your Trick and Treat Bag coming along? I’m loving the Cascade 220 Superwash yarn in the kit! It’s nice to know that if some of our yummy candy gets on the bag, we’ll be able to machine wash and dry it without worrying.

Crochet Along – We’ve started our Pumpkin Treat Bag

We are already a few days into October, and that means Halloween will be here before you know it. To celebrate our favorite spooky holiday we are crocheting the Pumpkin Treat Bag from our Fall Issue together, and we hope you join in on the fun!

Pumpkin treat bag - bag part finished

We started crocheting our adorable trick-or-treat bag on October 1st, and we are almost finished with the bag portion of the pattern. This project is so fun to make, it seemed like the stitches were flying right off my hook.


Which Trick-and-Treat Bag did you choose? Remember, to make your yarn selection quick and easy, you can purchase a kit for all 3 bags in our Crochet and Knit Shop. How is your bag coming along?

Pumpkin Treat Bag Crochet Along Begins October 1st

Fall is officially here, and you know what that means – it’s time to get ready for Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it gives us an outlet for our creativity and craftiness. Creating costumes and spooky accessories is such a fun way to welcome the crisp, cool days of fall.

26_LOC_FA13_HTB_5_200pxOne item every trick-or-treater needs on Halloween is a cool bag to hold all the yummy candy they collect. The Trick and Treat Bags from our Fall 2013 Issue of Love of Crochet are the perfect complements to any costume, and they are a blast to make! We’re making the Pumpkin Treat Bag for our next Crochet Along starting on October 1st, and we hope you’ll be crocheting along with us.

Pumpkin kitWe can’t wait to dig into this quick project. Snag the Pumpkin, Frankenstein, or Mummy Treat Bag from our Crochet and Knit Shop so you’ll be ready to crochet along with us on October 1st! The kits contain the Treat Bag patterns and all the yarn you will need to make the bag of your choice. Which Trick and Treat Bag will you make?

International Crochet Day

September 12th is International Crochet Day! We never need an excuse to crochet, but it’s nice to take a day to celebrate the craft that brings all of us so much joy. You can celebrate in hundreds of different ways, but here are a few of our favorite ways to make today all about crochet.


1. Give someone a lovely crocheted gift. We suggest the handy Vintage Hot Pad from our Fall Issue. You could also wrap a cute trinket in a cool crocheted gift bag. Both are free patterns that stitch up quickly, so you can make one for everyone you love.


2. Learn a new skill. We love learning interesting new stitches and techniques, so why not celebrate by taking a class or tackling an intriguing pattern you’ve been thinking about? If you love the Hobo Bag from our Fall Issue (and how could you not?), the Daily Craft TV has put together a helpful video class that will walk you through the steps of creating this cool vintage-style purse. Our Fall Issue also offers a beginner’s guide to Tunisian crochet to help you master this popular and easy-to-learn technique.

Treat bags3. Buy some fabulous new yarn! Go ahead and splurge – it’s International Crochet Day! If you can’t make it to the yarn shop today, click over to our Yarn Guide to drool over some awesome fiber finds. If you’re planning on crocheting along with us as we make the Pumpkin Treat Bag in October, today is the perfect day to purchase your kit.

Mother bear4. Crochet something for charity. The Mother Bear Project and Project Linus are two wonderful organizations we love working with.

ocean waves] 5. Crochet with a group of friends. If none of your friends crochet, teach them now. The Ocean Waves Scarf is the perfect pattern to get a new crocheter hooked for life.

We’d love to hear how you’re celebrating International Crochet Day. Even if you’re simply spending a bit of time checking out new patterns or yarns, take a moment to appreciate crochet as a fun and useful craft that has an amazing power to bring people together.