Novice Mittens Crochet Along – Just add ruffles

I’m excited to announce that I’m almost finished with my Novice Mittens! In fact, if I were going for plain mittens, I’d be finished already.

It only took me one crafting session to finish the thumb gusset and hand of my second mitten. Working in double crochet, this fun project goes fast!

After that, I joined a new strand yarn to the opening and (working clockwise!) crocheted the thumb. I wove in most of my ends at this point, but I didn’t worry about the tails from my starting chains because I plan on crocheting over them when I create the ruffled cuffs. I’m a fan of any technique that saves me some finishing work.

Novice - 2 finished mittens
All they need is the ruffle!

The cuffs will be quick and easy, so I’m looking forward to wearing my mittens very soon. Have you ordered your Novice Mittens kit yet? The yarn in the kits is irresistible, and I can’t stop touching it! These mittens are going to be a real treat.

How are your mittens coming along? We’d love to see pictures or hear updates, so leave a comment here or on Facebook to keep us posted on your progress!

Novice Mittens Crochet Along – One mitten down!

LOCW_NoviceMittens_200I didn’t get in as much crochet time as I hoped during this past week (do we ever?), but I was able to finish one of my Novice Mittens and begin the second one. Actually, my first mitten is not exactly finished because I decided to save the ruffles for the end and do the trim on both mittens at the same time. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to this decision, but it felt right at the time.

Novice - hand and thumb done1
One mitten down!

On my first mitten, after working even in double crochet for a bit, I followed the quick instructions to shape the top of the hand. This section is only 3 rounds, so it went by in a heartbeat. Then, I joined my yarn to the thumb opening and worked a round of double crochet.

After working a couple rounds of my thumb, I noticed the thumb stitches didn’t quite look like the stitches on the hand. I realized that this was because the wrong side (WS) of my thumb stitches were facing the right side (RS) of my mitten. The difference was subtle but easily fixed, so I ripped back and started my thumb again. To be sure the right side (RS) of your thumb stitches will be showing, stitch clockwise around your thumb opening.

Novice - second mitten
My stitch marker shows me where to work the second thumb gusset.

My thumb section went quickly after that, and I moved on to my second mitten. I’m now ready to begin shaping the thumb gusset, and I can tell this second mitten is going to fly off my hook. The only difference between the two mittens is where you work the thumb gusset.

I’m looking forward to finishing mitten #2 this week! How are your Novice Mittens progressing? If you haven’t started yet, you still have time to get your Novice Mittens kit and join in on the fun. The slightly fuzzy Rimu DK yarn looks and feels warm and cozy and gives this project the perfect finish. I can’t wait to wear them!

Novice Mittens Crochet Along – Thumb gusset


After finding a hook size that gave me the correct gauge, I spent some time over the past weekend working on my Novice Mittens. To begin, I worked my starting chain with a hook one size larger because the pattern specifies that the beginning chain should be loose. Otherwise, the opening might be a bit snug. For 2″, I worked even in double crochet, and this section went by in a flash.

Novice gussetThe main thing I accomplished over the weekend was the thumb gusset. Using a stitch marker made this section a breeze, and before I knew it, I had completed all of the necessary increases.

Novice done with gusset try onThen, I worked a short chain and skipped a few stitches to create the thumb opening. Afterwards, there are 3 decrease rows before you get to the hand section. I stopped here to try on my half-mitten, and it fit like a glove (erm, mitten)!

How are your Novice Mittens coming along? Have you finished the thumb gusset yet? If you haven’t started, you still have time to get your Novice Mittens kit and join in on the fun! I’ve fallen in love with this merino and possum yarn, and I’ve been singing its praises to all of my crafty friends. I had never worked with possum before, but I see many more possum projects in my future!

Let us know how your project is coming here or on Facebook. We’re always happy to help and we love seeing photos or updates on your progress, so visit soon!

Novice Mittens Crochet Along – Gauge swatch(es)


We are starting our winter crochet along, the Novice Mittens, today! It has been downright frigid here, so I’m excited to stitch up some darling mittens to keep my hands warm. That’s right – I’ve decided to keep these mittens for myself. After all the holiday crocheting I did over the last few months, I think my hands deserve a treat.

Novice mittens- balls with coverI had a bit of trouble getting the correct gauge for these mittens, and I ended up making 3 different gauge swatches. First, I started with a G hook like the pattern calls for, but my stitches were much too loose. I went down to an F, but had the same problem. Finally, I tried an E hook, which worked perfectly!

Thankfully, the gauge is measured in double crochets, and all 3 swatches went quickly. Plus, making them gave me a fantastic excuse to play with this heavenly yarn!

I’ll crochet my starting chain later on today, and I’m hoping to get a fair amount done over the weekend. If your hands can use a treat after the rush of holiday crafting, join me in making these sweet mittens! The luxurious Rimu DK yarn by Zealana is a terrific way to reward your hands for finishing all of those gifts. Get your Novice Mittens kit to experience this soft yarn for yourself, and join me in this fun crochet along!

Coming soon – Novice Mittens Crochet Along!

The first official day of winter is on Sunday, and while it has been cold here in Colorado for a while now, actually seeing it on the calendar has made me even more excited for this magical season. To me, mittens are the quintessentially cute winter accessory, so I’ve picked the Novice Mittens from the Winter 2014 Issue of Love of Crochet as our winter crochet along!

LOCW_NoviceMittens_200I’ll crochet my starting chain on Friday, January 2nd, and I hope you join me in making this adorable pair. The pattern uses 2 skeins of Rimu DK by Zealana, and this yarn is heavenly! It is slightly fuzzy, and it has the perfect mixture of softness and sturdiness because of the blend of merino wool and brushtail possum fiber. That’s right – I said possum, and you NEED to feel how wonderfully soft this luscious fiber is!

You can get all the yarn you need to make these luxurious mittens, as well as the pattern, in your Novice Mittens kit. While I loved the red mittens photographed in the magazine, I chose the frosty blue color because it’s delightfully wintery. There are six fun hues to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect color. Order your kit today so you’ll be ready to make this fun project with me!

Have you ever crocheted with possum yarn? Tell us your experiences here or on Facebook. We love connecting with you and nerding out over fiber together, and we can’t wait to hear from you!