Fourth of July YARN BOMB!

You all, our wonderful fellow crafters, sent us hundreds of stars for our nation-wide Fourth of July yarn bomb! We hung them all across Colorado so everyone who passed by could enjoy them as we celebrated our country over the weekend. We hope they continue to inspire passersby to think about our sense of community and how so many people came together to create these fun, patriotic displays.

Jen yarn bomb
Showing our pride at the Rapid’s game

We can’t thank you enough for participating, and we’ve already sent out prize packages to our giveaway winners. The messages some of you included with your stars truly touched us, and we are honored to share one of them here.

The message below is from Elizabeth in Chicago.

I would like to dedicate my stars to my father (a veteran), my brother-in-law (also a veteran), my friend Lisa (currently in the Army), and all those who are away from their families. Remember, we love you.

And finally to my grandparents, who in my eyes had the best love story. They were married on the 4th of July. They were married for over 50 years. I want a love like that.

Kathy yarn bomb
Adding some red, white, and blue to the 4th of July parade route in La Veta, CO

Again, thank you so much for sending stars and for spreading the word about our Fourth of July yarn bomb. We always love seeingĀ  your knit and crocheted handiwork and coming together through craft.

Bench yarn bomb
A patriotic park display in Denver
Tree yarn bomb
Another fun red, white, and blue display at the park
Danielle yarn bomb
A colorful creation right outside the Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet office in Golden, CO