Fishbowl Beanie Crochet Along – Gone fishin’

My Fishbowl Beanie is finished! I finally stitched all the fins onto my guppies, and they turned out super cute.

Fishbowl hat - guppies no eyes

I decided to leave the back and belly fins off the yellow and pink fish to give them a simpler look. However, the ruffle fin matched perfectly with the scalloped tail fin on my blue fish, so he has his own signature style.

Fishbowl hat - guppies with eyes

I thought my little fishies were adorable without faces, but after I added their eyes they seemed to have so much more personality.

This was my first attempt at adding French knots to a crochet project, and I couldn’t quite get them to work. However, I found that doubling the black yarn and threading it up through the bottom of a single crochet stitch, then down through the top of that same stitch a few times worked really well for the eyes.

Fishbowl hat - done

I crocheted a few quick chains to attach my guppies to the top of the hat, and then started smiling ear to ear. How could I not?! This hat is so much fun!

Fishbowl hat - Jasmine

My daughter was even more excited about it than I was, and she put it on as soon as she saw it. Then, she asked if I could make her another little fish as a toy. Of course I will! Thankfully, a crocheter’s work is never done, and I’m looking forward to mixing and matching a few more guppies for her to play with.

Have you finished your Fishbowl Beanie? If you didn’t get to join us in the crochet along, you can still order your Fishbowl Beanie kit and make this cute hat for a kiddo in your life. Each kit has enough yarn to make at least 2 hats, or maybe even 3 depending on the sizes you make, so you could make a whole set! I just might make another for a lucky niece or nephew…


Fishbowl Beanie Crochet Along – Fish parts

I’m thisclose to finishing my Fishbowl Beanie! My daughter has been asking about it nonstop, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sew the little guppies together this past week. I made all the pieces, but I always procrastinate when it comes to sewing my crochet projects.

Fishbowl hat - fish bodies
Yellow, pink, and teal guppies

I love how this pattern encourages you to mix and match the different fins and tails to create your own unique guppies!

Right now, my project bag has more fish parts in it than a sushi restaurant. I made one fin in each style, which is more than I need for my three guppies, so I’ll have to decide which ones make the cut.

Fishbowl Beanie
Fishbowl Beanie

I hope you’re having as much fun as I am crocheting your Fishbowl Beanie! As always, you can share your progress with us here or on Facebook, and if you haven’t started yet, you still have time to get your Fishbowl Beanie kit and make this adorable hat for a special child in your life. Each kit has enough yarn to make 2 or 3 hats, depending on the sizes, so you could even make several for a special trip to the aquarium!

Fishbowl Beanie Crochet Along – Starting today!

I can’t wait to grab my hook and start my Fishbowl Beanie later today! I’m making this adorable hat for my 4 year old daughter, and she got the biggest smile on her face when I showed her the picture. Who can blame her? This pattern will brighten up any day.

Fishbowl Beanie
Fishbowl Beanie

Although this cutie is sized from Preemie to Toddler, I may need to make it a little larger because my girl is not exactly a toddler anymore (*sniff*). However, that’ll be pretty easy, and I’ll explain the process next week just in case anyone else is making this hat for a bigger kid.

Fishbowl Hat - yarn
Ready to crochet!

I whipped up my gauge swatch earlier today, and I realized that my gauge with an H hook was slightly tighter than the pattern calls for. I got 14 stitches in 4 inches instead of 13 stitches like the pattern requires. I went up to an I hook and got the right gauge, but I liked my fabric with the H hook a little better. Since I’ll be altering the size anyways, I decided to go with the H hook even though it made my gauge a bit tighter.

Fishbowl hat - gauge swatch
Crocheted with my H hook

I hope you’ll join me in making a Fishbowl Beanie for a special child in your life! This adorable project comes in a handy kit, making the yarn selection easy. The best part is that each kit has enough yarn to make 2 (or maybe even 3) hats, depending on the size!

Share your progress with us here, on Facebook, or email us at to let us know how it’s going. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Charity Spotlight – The Preemie Project

The Preemie Project is a wonderful charity that comforts critically ill premature babies in Iowa’s Newborn Intensive Care Units, as well as their families, by providing handmade hats and booties. The seemingly small gesture of donating a handmade baby item offers incredible support for parents and families of preemies, and the cozy hats and booties help these tiny babies stay warm. The Preemie Project is currently experiencing some urgent needs, and you can find a detailed list of the projects they are seeking on their website.

Preemie Project

It’s important to mention that they are no longer accepting donated blankets because The American Society of Pediatrics does not recommend them for newborns. However, they have put out a call to charitable crafters asking for several cute and quick-to-make items.

The Preemie Project needs

  • Blue hats and booties for baby boys
  • Red, white, and blue hats and booties for their Fourth of July donation
  • Hats for their Christmas donation

By taking just a bit of time to knit or crochet some adorable baby items, you can make a big difference for a family in their time of need. Knitters, the Breath of Spring Baby Hat is an adorable and classic design, perfect for boys or girls. Crocheters will love the quick and easy Fishbowl Beanie, which is sized for preemies, newborns, infants, and toddlers.

Have you ever knit or crocheted baby items for charity?