Quick Crocheted Gift Guide – Classic Christmas

I had so much fun making Sue Perez’s Classic Christmas ornament from our Holiday 2013 Issue! It’s worked with size 10 cotton thread, but I finished it in an afternoon because of its small size. If you’ve never worked with thread before, have no fear! Once you grow accustomed to holding the miniature hook, it really is no different than crocheting with any other type of yarn. You can see that I didn’t have any spare ornament hangers, so I simply crocheted a loop of thread to the top of the star.

Classic Christmas gift guide

When I finished the crocheting and I pinned my project in place, my daughter helped me finger paint glitter glue onto it to hold its shape. There is something extra fun about a messy craft that gets your fingers all gluey and sparkly! However, if you aren’t in the mood for a mess (I totally understand!), simply spray your ornament with fabric starch or use a brush to paint on watered down glue.

This classic ornament would look beautiful as an applique, or you could crochet a bunch and create a stunning holiday garland! The possibilities are endless.