Charity Spotlight – Knit or crochet for baby birds with WildCare

Spring is here, and while that means blooming gardens and warmer weather, it’s also “baby bird season” for wildlife hospitals all over America. These hospitals care for abandoned nestlings by feeding them and providing makeshift nests to keep them warm. If you’re a crafty bird lover, you can help these precious baby birds by knitting or crocheting nests and donating them to WildCare!

Wildcare logo

Photo by Melanie Piazza

WildCare is an incredible organization that educates people about wildlife and treats sick or injured animals. Later this month, they’ll put out a call for wool nests that will either be used in their own animal hospital or donated to bird rehab centers across the country. Sign up for their email list so you’ll know when they start accepting nests this spring.

These adorable nests are fantastic stash-busters, and since felted nests are best, they’re a great way to hone your felting skills! Birds’ feet can get caught in loosely knit or crocheted fabric, so tightly stitched nests are preferred if you can’t felt them. The nests work up in a flash, and you’ll feel good knowing that your yarn scraps went to good use!

Have you ever knit or crocheted a nest for charity? Tell us your experiences here or on Facebook! We’d love to hear your story!

A note about baby birds – It can be difficult to tell if a baby bird has been abandoned. If you find a young bird you think may be an orphan, you can contact WildCare’s hotline or your local wildlife center, and they can assist you in determining if it needs help or not.