Quick Gift Guide – Arctic Sea Mitts

Someone very dear to me works in an office that must be extremely cold. In fact, she recently confessed that she cut the fingertips off of some cheap, store-bought gloves and wears them to keep warm while she is typing.

Arctic Sea MittsAs a crocheter, this was simply not acceptable to me. Why should my beloved sister sport crummy, chopped up gloves when I can make her a pair of gorgeous fingerless mitts in a flash? I immediately began my hunt for the perfect pattern, and stopped as soon as I saw the Arctic Sea Mitts from the Holiday 2012 Issue of Love of Crochet.

These mitts will be the perfect gift for her!

I found a fun, self-striping purple yarn that is a mixture of several of her favorite shades. The only trouble was that the yarn I chose for the project is worsted weight instead of DK like the pattern calls for. This problem was easy enough to solve, and I whipped up a pair of these fun mitts in no time. If you would like to use worsted weight yarn, here are the slight adjustments I made.

  • Ribbing – Chain 4 for the ribbing at the beginning of the pattern, and work the rest of the ribbed section as stated. After you fold the ribbed piece and seam it, work 22 (or any multiple of 2) sc evenly around.
  • Lace – Work the lace section as is.
  • Thumb opening – After you work the first row of the thumb opening, repeat it until the open section is about 3″ long before working the joining round. For the last row of the thumb opening section, work the same number of sc evenly around as you did after your ribbing.
  • Cuff – For your cuff, chain 11, skip one chain, and work across 10 sts to create the ribbing at the wrist.

I loved how easy this pattern was to customize, and I may make a few more pairs to give as gifts. Do you know someone who is always cold at the office? These stylish mitts will keep them toasty and bring a smile to their face when they think of the thought you put into this clever gift idea!