Easy Weekend Crochet Hats

Did your eyes light up when you saw the adorable Pixie Bonnet featured in Love of Crochet’s special Holiday Crochet 2014 Issue? This cute hat has a special magic that will make your little girl feel just like the fairies and pixies in her favorite movies.

017-Davis_200pxThis sweet design was excerpted from Easy Weekend Crochet Hats by Jennifer J. Cirka, a phenomenal book full of designs for all ages that were inspired by the beauty of Colorado. If you’re craving quick and easy patterns that are also stylish and fun, you are in luck! Easy Weekend Crochet Hats is now available for purchase!


In this book, you’ll find tons of inspiring patterns that would make fantastic holiday gifts. Then, when you’ve crocheted your fill of hats (if that’s even possible), check out the FREE Pixie Scarf pattern and make a charming accessory to complement the Pixie Bonnet.

Easy Weekend Crochet Hats

Do you have a few hat-lovers on your list this year? Grab your copy of Easy Weekend Crochet Hats and get a jumpstart on your holiday crafting!

Knitting and crochet supplies that support breast cancer research

Denise Interchangeable Knitting & Crochet has partnered with della Q to bring you  convenient knitting and crochet sets in fabulous and functional cases. They offer a variety of stylish color options, but the three sets we are most excited about are the pink ones below. Purchase one of these high-quality sets, and $5 of the purchase price will be donated to breast cancer research!

int knitting needlesThese awesome interchangeable knitting needles come in sizes ranging from 5 to 19, with 6 different cord lengths. You can even connect the cords to create longer ones for those extra-large projects. The roll-up silk case is perfect for crafting at home or on-the-go.

int crochet hooksTunisian crocheters will love these interchangeable crochet hooks, but you’ll have to guard them from “standard” crocheters as well. Any crafter can appreciate these handy, all-inclusive supplies. I find that the deep groove in each hook makes many stitches easier, and these hooks definitely helped me with the puff stitches in my Sonoma Shawl.

int double endSpeaking of Tunisian crochet, have you tried working this versatile technique in the round? To give it a go, you’ll need a set of double-ended crochet hooks, and this handy kit is just what the doctor ordered!

All 3 of these sets make changing needles or hooks a breeze, and you do not need any pins or grippy pads to swap them out. Simply twist the pieces onto the cords, and they snap securely into place without any tools.

Get one of these pretty and practical sets for yourself or someone you love, and you’ll feel good about your purchase in more ways than one. Not only will you be investing in a meaningful craft, but you’ll also make a valuable contribution to important research that will hopefully eradicate breast cancer in the not-so-distant future.

Soak – Product spotlight

Since we are focusing on ways to be more environmentally friendly (while having fun and crafting at the same time!), we want to share some great information about a new product in our Crochet and Knit Shop with you.

SoakSoak wash is a gentle, biodegradable cleanser that comes in several yummy scents as well as a scentless formula. Use it to wash your handmade or delicate garments either by hand or in the washing machine. Soak is so gentle that you don’t even have to rinse your clothes after washing with it! This helps to extend the life of your favorite items and leave them smelling divine. The recyclable bottle is made of 100% post-consumer resin, meaning the plastic has already been recycled once through the system.

Soak truly is a product you can feel good about using, and it will leave your handmade items feeling (and smelling) fantastic as well. Try it out, and let us know which scent is your favorite!

Celebrate National Crochet Month with a new book

What better way to celebrate National Crochet Month than by learning some new skills and techniques? Take advantage of our 15% off sale and get one (or more!) of these helpful books to get started.

Learn to crochet socksDid you think that socks were only for knitters? Crocheters can get in on the fun too with Learn to Crochet Socks for the Family! Learn to make several different styles of socks, and soon you’ll find yourself making them for everyone you know. Socks work up quickly and they are always a welcome gift, so grab your copy of this book today!

Tunisian crochet baby blanketsDive into Tunisian crochet by making a simple yet impressive baby blanket. Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets will teach you the basics of this fun crochet variation. Once you’ve mastered the stitches, make one of these 8 stunning designs for a little one in your life. There is no need to limit yourself to baby blankets because the patterns in this handy guide will make beautiful afghans too.

Filet afghansSpeaking of afghans, Filet Afghans features beautiful blanket patterns using simple filet crochet. You can create an entire world of designs using this easy technique, and this book includes charts for basic designs as well as more intricate ones.

What new crochet skills are you eager to learn? We love hearing what you’re making and learning, so visit us on Facebook to let us know. Don’t forget – we will be featuring giveaways in honor of National Crochet Month every Friday in March, so follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as well to quadruple your chances of winning!

15% off for National Crochet Month!


Our celebration of National Crochet Month is in full swing, and we have already given away 2 fun prize packages to our followers on Facebook and Instagram. Now we have a deal that will be a win for everyone – we are offering 15% off your entire order from our Crochet and Knit Shop! Knitters and crocheters alike can take advantage of this special promotion by entering the code LOV2CRO at checkout.

The offer ends March 20th, so stock up on all of your crafting supplies today! And don’t forget – we’ll be giving more prizes away on Twitter and Pinterest in honor of this monthlong celebration of one of our favorite crafts! Follow us for a chance to win!

The Knook Beginner Set


Have you been interested in learning to knit but put off by the fear of pesky dropped stitches? The Knook combines the best of both knitting and crocheting into one fun and easy-to-learn craft. There’s no need to worry about your work unraveling if a stitch falls and because this method allows you to knit with a crochet hook, you get the added benefit of using a tool you’re already comfortable with !

kids knook

This beginner’s set includes everything you need to learn to knit using a trusty hook. In the kit, you’ll get 3 knooks, 4 super simple patterns, and a helpful how-to book. Grab the Knook Beginner Set for Kids for a great way to craft together as a family.

Organize your stash – continued

In the Spring 2014 Issue of Love of Knitting, we featured some fantastic ideas for organizing your yarn stash. In fact, we found so many convenient and beautiful systems for storing your yarn, we couldn’t fit all of them in the magazine! We know that some of you are gearing up for spring cleaning, so here are a few more ideas to inspire you as you tackle your stash.five tier storage organizerIf floor space in your craft room is limited, a hanging organizer would be ideal. The Five Tier Storage Organizer has plenty of space for you to store your favorite fibers. Best of all, the mesh fabric allows you to see your yarn so you always know what you have on hand (and what you need to pick up).

Diamond Cubes Display1Additionally, Diamond Cubes are a beautiful storage solution that can be easily mounted on your wall to save space. These beautiful cubes can be arranged in countless ways to suit your needs.

project bagsThese clear project bags come in a variety of sizes to fit any of your works-in-progress. Remember, you can also create your own project kits using these bags as well.

Yarn tainerIt’s no secret that we love clear storage systems that allow us to see our yarn even when we’re not using it. After all, we want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible! These Yarn Tainers come in several sizes, and the handles allow them to double as transport containers too.

What are your favorite yarn storage ideas? We’d love to hear how you organize your stash, so stop by our Facebook page to let us in on your storage secrets!

Gift ideas for your favorite fellow crafters

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a fellow crafter who seems to have everything, check out the gift ideas from our Crochet and Knit Shop. All the products here are under $20, so you can get one for a friend and one for yourself as well!

cross stitch phone case

The Cross Stitch Phone Case is sure to please the creative, tech-savvy people in your life. Cross stitch an original design or one of the 4 charted designs included, and have fun showing off your handiwork wherever you go.

sweater stoneThe Sweater Stone will keep your handmade and store-bought garments looking like new. Don’t let pilling ruin your favorite garments! Give them new life with this essential product.

tempo tapeTempo Tape allows you to highlight and write notes on your pattern, but the tape comes off easily without leaving a residue. A great gift for a crafter or a studious college student, this tape is sure to make life a bit easier.

Tape measure necklace

The Tape Measure Charm Necklace lets you keep an essential crafting tool close to your heart. Several other styles are available, so check out the assortment of dainty charms in our Crochet and Knit Shop.

lavisheaThe Lavishea Lotion Bar comes in an assortment of tempting scents, and it is a convenient way to keep your hands moisturized without leaving a greasy residue. Our hands are always busy knitting or crocheting, so we want to treat them right!

These are just a few of the wonderful gift ideas from our Crochet and Knit Shop. Click over today and get a special gift for a friend just to show you care.

Individual digital patterns are now available!

knit tablet

Have you crossed over to digital knitting and crochet patterns yet? Many of our digital subscribers love working directly from their computers or iPads, while others find it easier to print the patterns before they start each project. Either way, downloadable patterns are a fast and easy way to get your crafting fix wherever you go.

Well, all of you digital crafters are in luck because we are now offering individual knitting and crochet patterns available for instant download from our Crochet and Knit Shop! Choose from a varied selection of the patterns featured in Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet, then you can purchase single patterns for a convenient, low price!

Remember, our digital issues are an even better deal and our digital subscriptions are the best value, so take a moment to check out everything we offer in our Crochet and Knit Shop. You’re sure to find something (or a dozen things!) to inspire you.