Beaded Box Stitch Shawl Crochet Along – Finished!

I finished the edging on my Beaded Box Stitch Shawl – even though mine turned into a cowl – and I LOVE the finished product! The stitch pattern is so light and airy, I’m already thinking about what else I can make with it. Actually, I plan on making the original version of this pattern, so I’ll get another chance to crochet the fun squares and extended stitches soon.

LOC_BeadedBoxStitch_200I hope you had as much fun making this project as I did. This pattern is truly unique, and the beads make it an extra special accessory I’ll wear often. Light cowls can dress up any tee and create a stylish look for work, and of course, they’re always fun to wear on the weekends too!

BBS - finishedHere I am showing off my brand new cowl. Don’t you just love how the negative space between the stitches makes the pattern pop?

Have you finished your shawl yet? Don’t forget to send photos to us at and post updates here on our blog! If you haven’t joined in on the fun yet, order your Beaded Box Stitch Shawl kit and make this gorgeous accessory this summer. The kits include all the yarn and beads you’ll need for one full-sized shawl version or two cowls, as well as a complete copy of the Summer 2015 Issue of Love of Crochet!

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