Beaded Box Stitch Shawl Crochet Along – Change of plans

Even though my crochet time has been a bit limited, my Beaded Box Stitch Shawl is now about 34″ long! I’ve really internalized the stitch pattern, and it has become like second nature to me.

LOC_BeadedBoxStitch_200As I mentioned before, I’m making a smaller version of this fun pattern. Instead of being 13 squares across, mine is only 9. Originally, I intended to make a scarf, but I recently realized that my work would make a really light and fun cowl if I stop and seam it right now!

I LOVE cowls, and at 34″ long, my work is just long enough for a loose and drapey one. The instructions in the original pattern say to end with row 3 of the repeat before beginning the edging, but since I’m going to seam my two short ends together I ended with row 4.

BBS - longer

I left a long tail for sewing and blocked my work before seaming it.

BBS - seamThe super cute stitch marker shows where my seam is. I left gaps in my seam between the squares to mimic the look of the extended stitches. You can hardly notice the seam from a distance!

BBS - cowl 1

The beaded edging really makes this project pop, so I’m going to add it around both edges of my cowl. It will take some slight adjustments from the original pattern, but the handy chart makes it easy to see what to do. I’ll tackle the edging this coming week and share my pattern notes in my next post.

How is your Beaded Box Stitch Shawl coming? Are you making the full-sized version, or are you a tweaker like I am?

If you haven’t joined in on this fun project yet, be sure to get your very own Beaded Box Stitch Shawl kit for the same amazing finish! The kits contain all the yarn and beads you’ll need for the full-sized version, as well as a complete copy of the Summer 2015 Issue! If you’re making a smaller version, like I am, the kit will even have enough yarn for two cowls!

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