Beaded Box Stitch Shawl Crochet Along – A good start

I’ve gotten off to a good start on my Beaded Box Stitch Shawl!

Beaded Box Stitch Shawl – Summer, 2015

While I love the size of the original sample, I decided to try a smaller version. I jumped at the chance to do this crochet along because couldn’t resist the stunning stitch pattern and the gorgeous beaded edging, but mine will be slightly scaled-down.

Thankfully, the stitch pattern is easy to adjust because the repeat is marked on both the chart and the written pattern. If you want to crochet a wider or thinner version, simply start with a multiple of 10+7. If you’re getting the same gauge as the pattern states, each square will be a little bit more than 1″ long. Since the fabric is so airy and light, I wanted mine to be about 10″ wide. I started with 97 chains and ended up with 9 squares across my row. It’s going to be just what I need to dress up my plain T-shirts this summer!

BBS - 1
Crochet as many or as few repeats as you want!

The stitch pattern requires quite a bit of turning, but it didn’t take long for me to find my groove. Here’s a hint I learned along the way – whichever way you turn your project after the first short row in your square, be sure to turn it the opposite way for the second short row. This will untwist your project and make everything a little smoother.

How is your Beaded Box Stitch Shawl coming along? If you haven’t joined us in the crochet along yet, you still have time to get your Beaded Box Stitch Shawl kit and start stitching with us!

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