Fishbowl Beanie Crochet Along – Gone fishin’

My Fishbowl Beanie is finished! I finally stitched all the fins onto my guppies, and they turned out super cute.

Fishbowl hat - guppies no eyes

I decided to leave the back and belly fins off the yellow and pink fish to give them a simpler look. However, the ruffle fin matched perfectly with the scalloped tail fin on my blue fish, so he has his own signature style.

Fishbowl hat - guppies with eyes

I thought my little fishies were adorable without faces, but after I added their eyes they seemed to have so much more personality.

This was my first attempt at adding French knots to a crochet project, and I couldn’t quite get them to work. However, I found that doubling the black yarn and threading it up through the bottom of a single crochet stitch, then down through the top of that same stitch a few times worked really well for the eyes.

Fishbowl hat - done

I crocheted a few quick chains to attach my guppies to the top of the hat, and then started smiling ear to ear. How could I not?! This hat is so much fun!

Fishbowl hat - Jasmine

My daughter was even more excited about it than I was, and she put it on as soon as she saw it. Then, she asked if I could make her another little fish as a toy. Of course I will! Thankfully, a crocheter’s work is never done, and I’m looking forward to mixing and matching a few more guppies for her to play with.

Have you finished your Fishbowl Beanie? If you didn’t get to join us in the crochet along, you can still order your Fishbowl Beanie kit and make this cute hat for a kiddo in your life. Each kit has enough yarn to make at least 2 hats, or maybe even 3 depending on the sizes you make, so you could make a whole set! I just might make another for a lucky niece or nephew…


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