Fishbowl Beanie Crochet Along – Adjusting the size

I didn’t get as much crochet time as I wanted over the past week, but I did manage to finish everything but the fish on my Fishbowl Beanie!

Fishbowl Beanie
Fishbowl Beanie

This cute hat is for my daughter, who’s almost 5, so I made it a little larger. If you’re also making one for a bigger kid, adjusting the size is super simple. I followed the instructions for the Toddler size, but after round 8 I added another increase round as follows:

Rnd 9: *Hdc 7, 2 hdc in next st; rep from * 7 more times. (72 sts)

Then, I worked even in hdc for a couple inches so I could see if it would be big enough. My kiddo tried it on for me, and we were both happy to see that looked like it would fit perfectly (after finishing the body of the hat, of course)! I followed the pattern instructions from here and had her try it on again before I changed to the tan yarn.

Fishbowl Hat - brim

It’s about 20″ around and it fit like a glove (or a well-fitted hat), so I changed colors to start the brim. I liked my color change best when I used color B to work a slip stitch and single crochet into the first stitch before single crocheting around. The brim worked up in a flash, and I love the alternating large and small scallops along the edge!

Fishbowl Hat - grass

In fact, I loved the brim and body of the hat so much that I couldn’t wait to add the seagrass to finish it up. I crocheted three pieces of seagrass, pretty evenly spaced around the hat, and tacked them in place.

This coming week, I’ll crochet the adorable little guppies to put the finishing touch on this fun project. My daughter can’t wait to wear it, and I can’t wait to see it all come together! If you haven’t started this cute hat yet, you still have time to get your Fishbowl Beanie kit and join me in making one for a special kiddo in your life. It will definitely make them smile!

How is your hat coming along? We’d love to see pictures or updates, so let us know how it’s going here or on Facebook. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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