Crochet Patterns for Baby

Something about spring always puts me in the mood to crochet baby items. Maybe it’s all the fun and cheerful pastels that pop up everywhere, or maybe watching the little hatchlings in the sparrows’ nest outside my window gives me baby fever when it comes to crafting. Plus, we have several cute and cuddly new patterns that have been inspiring me lately, as well as a few older ones that I keep daydreaming about.

Bundle of Love

The Bundle of Love Baby Bunting is one new pattern from the Spring Issue of Love of Crochet that is just begging me to make it. Rows of shell stitches alternate with open, lacy rows to create a fabric that’ll keep baby cozy and comfortable. The shells even look like tiny hearts (swoon)! We’re going to welcome a couple new babies into my extended family soon, so I may have to try this darling pattern in two different colors.

It's a Hoot
It’s a Hoot Blanket

I really want to up my game when it comes to crochet intarsia, so I’ve had my eye on the It’s a Hoot Blanket for a while now. This cutie is worked entirely in single crochet, and bobbins are used to keep the different strands of yarn in order as you work. I have a soft spot for owls, so I think I’ll make this one for myself – erm, I mean my daughter…

Whenever I’m working on a big project, I like to take a break every now and again by whipping up a quick one. I know not everyone agrees about this, and I totally respect a crocheter who can be loyal to one project at a time. However, I find that a quick pattern really motivates me and gives me the instant gratification a longer pattern just can’t offer.

Spring Blossom Babies

The Spring Blossom Babies will be perfect for this. Also, toys make awesome travel projects because you can crochet bits and pieces every now and again, and before you know it you have a precious little animal! If you’re making these for a baby, remember to embroider the eyes instead of using plastic ones.

Fishbowl Beanie
Fishbowl Beanie

Finally, the baby project I’ll be starting for our spring crochet along on Friday is the adorable Fishbowl Beanie. I’m making this little hat for my daughter, but I might make a couple more for her new cousins. This project comes in a handy kit that will help you take the guesswork out of choosing your yarn for the body of the hat. Each kit has enough yarn to make 2 or 3 hats depending on the sizes, and you can use scrap yarn to crochet the cute fish in all of your favorite colors!

Does the gorgeous spring weather inspire you to make baby items too? Tell us your thoughts here or on Facebook. We can’t wait to hear what you’re making right now!


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