Modern Baby Crochet – Sweet Tweeter toy

My daughter and I LOVE birds. We don’t have a pet bird or anything, but they are a favorite stop when we visit the zoo, and she points out every pigeon and goose she sees when we’re at the park. In my crafting, I’ve been known to “put a bird on it” on more than one occasion. I can’t help it – they add a fun and whimsical touch to a project, and they are pretty easy to make. That’s a win-win, in my opinion. Also – I’m ready for spring, and if Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction is correct, I will have to make my own cheery and colorful birds to hold me over until the real songbirds show up!

Modern Baby Crochet
The soft grey birds are adorable, but I chose a bright teal.

Right now, I’m in the middle of making the Sweet Tweeter from Modern Baby Crochet for my little bird lover. This cutie has an adorable round shape that’s easy and quick to crochet, and there aren’t too many pieces to sew together. I’m not a big fan of finishing work, so this is a definite plus for me!

Sweet Tweeter
Bird parts

I don’t have any plastic eyes in the right size, so I used the instructions for baby-safe eyes instead of purchasing plastic ones. My kiddo is old enough that plastic eyes wouldn’t be a problem, but the crocheted eyes are definitely the way to go if you’re making this tweeter for a younger child. I did order a plastic squeaker to go inside the toy to make it a little more fun, and I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival so I can finish this cute project!

Who would you make this birdie for, and in what color? I’ll share more photos when my tweeter is finished, and I’d love to see photos of your crocheted toys or bird projects!

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