Novice Mittens Crochet Along – Just add ruffles

I’m excited to announce that I’m almost finished with my Novice Mittens! In fact, if I were going for plain mittens, I’d be finished already.

It only took me one crafting session to finish the thumb gusset and hand of my second mitten. Working in double crochet, this fun project goes fast!

After that, I joined a new strand yarn to the opening and (working clockwise!) crocheted the thumb. I wove in most of my ends at this point, but I didn’t worry about the tails from my starting chains because I plan on crocheting over them when I create the ruffled cuffs. I’m a fan of any technique that saves me some finishing work.

Novice - 2 finished mittens
All they need is the ruffle!

The cuffs will be quick and easy, so I’m looking forward to wearing my mittens very soon. Have you ordered your Novice Mittens kit yet? The yarn in the kits is irresistible, and I can’t stop touching it! These mittens are going to be a real treat.

How are your mittens coming along? We’d love to see pictures or hear updates, so leave a comment here or on Facebook to keep us posted on your progress!

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