Novice Mittens Crochet Along – One mitten down!

LOCW_NoviceMittens_200I didn’t get in as much crochet time as I hoped during this past week (do we ever?), but I was able to finish one of my Novice Mittens and begin the second one. Actually, my first mitten is not exactly finished because I decided to save the ruffles for the end and do the trim on both mittens at the same time. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to this decision, but it felt right at the time.

Novice - hand and thumb done1
One mitten down!

On my first mitten, after working even in double crochet for a bit, I followed the quick instructions to shape the top of the hand. This section is only 3 rounds, so it went by in a heartbeat. Then, I joined my yarn to the thumb opening and worked a round of double crochet.

After working a couple rounds of my thumb, I noticed the thumb stitches didn’t quite look like the stitches on the hand. I realized that this was because the wrong side (WS) of my thumb stitches were facing the right side (RS) of my mitten. The difference was subtle but easily fixed, so I ripped back and started my thumb again. To be sure the right side (RS) of your thumb stitches will be showing, stitch clockwise around your thumb opening.

Novice - second mitten
My stitch marker shows me where to work the second thumb gusset.

My thumb section went quickly after that, and I moved on to my second mitten. I’m now ready to begin shaping the thumb gusset, and I can tell this second mitten is going to fly off my hook. The only difference between the two mittens is where you work the thumb gusset.

I’m looking forward to finishing mitten #2 this week! How are your Novice Mittens progressing? If you haven’t started yet, you still have time to get your Novice Mittens kit and join in on the fun. The slightly fuzzy Rimu DK yarn looks and feels warm and cozy and gives this project the perfect finish. I can’t wait to wear them!

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