Novice Mittens Crochet Along – Thumb gusset


After finding a hook size that gave me the correct gauge, I spent some time over the past weekend working on my Novice Mittens. To begin, I worked my starting chain with a hook one size larger because the pattern specifies that the beginning chain should be loose. Otherwise, the opening might be a bit snug. For 2″, I worked even in double crochet, and this section went by in a flash.

Novice gussetThe main thing I accomplished over the weekend was the thumb gusset. Using a stitch marker made this section a breeze, and before I knew it, I had completed all of the necessary increases.

Novice done with gusset try onThen, I worked a short chain and skipped a few stitches to create the thumb opening. Afterwards, there are 3 decrease rows before you get to the hand section. I stopped here to try on my half-mitten, and it fit like a glove (erm, mitten)!

How are your Novice Mittens coming along? Have you finished the thumb gusset yet? If you haven’t started, you still have time to get your Novice Mittens kit and join in on the fun! I’ve fallen in love with this merino and possum yarn, and I’ve been singing its praises to all of my crafty friends. I had never worked with possum before, but I see many more possum projects in my future!

Let us know how your project is coming here or on Facebook. We’re always happy to help and we love seeing photos or updates on your progress, so visit soon!


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