Christmas Tree Trio Crochet Along – Ready to gift!

My Christmas Tree Trio is all finished and ready to gift! I had a blast making it, and I can’t wait to give this cute decoration to someone special in a couple weeks.

Finished treesAfter making the beaded garlands, I put my crocheted trees onto the Floracraft foam cones. Then, I arranged my garlands in a spiral around the trees beginning at the top. The ridges left by crocheting into the back loops provide handy lines to help keep your spiral even. There are about two ridges between the garland spirals on each of my trees, but feel free to arrange yours however you like.

After placing my garland, I used the long tails to weave a running stitch through it and attach it to the tree. I made one stitch for about every inch of garland, so this part went fairly fast for me. Then, all I had to do was sew the bottom onto each tree.

I LOVE how these fun decorations turned out! As I mentioned, I’m giving this set as a gift, but I may have to make another for myself. I have a wonderful spot on my mantle for them, or I may put them on an end table to create another festive spot in my living room.

Have you finished your Christmas Tree Trio yet? If you haven’t started, you still have time to order your Christmas Tree Trio kit and make this set for someone special! These decorations are fantastic gifts that the recipients will enjoy year after year.

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