Gift Guide – Adorable bird ornaments

I’ve been smitten with the Four Calling Birds ever since the first time I laid eyes on them. The details really make these designs, and their cute plastic safety eyes and branches really put the perfect finishing touches on them. As soon as I saw them, I determined that my friends and family MUST get these cute ornaments for Christmas. I happened to have some Cascade Ultra Pima in the rich Wine color used on the cardinals, so this is the birdie I decided to crochet for everyone. Plus, I think the red really pops when they are hung in the tree!

Bird partsI made six birds total. At first, I planned on making all the parts before sewing any of the birds together, but my project bag soon became a mess of tangled up bird parts because of the long tails I left for sewing. After making three or four sets of parts, I decided it was time to sew them together before making any more.

BirdsI used some orange scrap yarn to make the beaks and feet, and my daughter and I went on a hunt for nicely sized sticks for these birdies to perch on. I didn’t have any ribbon that I liked, so I used a simple strand of yarn to hang them.

I am thrilled with how these cute cardinals turned out! The felt on their little faces and the points on their heads make them look adorably realistic, and I know they are going to be a big hit.

Here is a close up of one cardinal, as well as a side and back view. The tail is attached at the back of each bird’s neck, and the wings are attached directly next to the tail.

If you’re searching for a quick gift that will be enjoyed every holiday season, the Four Calling Birds definitely fit the bill. I might have to go yarn shopping and get the colors to make the other three darling patterns. We also have a set of Four Calling Birds for knitters, and I am tempted to give them a shot too!

Which one of the Four Calling Birds is your favorite? Tell us what you think here on our blog, or visit us on Facebook to share your thoughts! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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