Christmas Tree Trio Crochet Along – Beaded garlands

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I crocheted all 3 of the beaded garlands for my Christmas Tree Trio! Since they are made of simple chains, this does not sound like a lot of crafting, but the garlands are more time consuming than the rest of the pattern because you need to string the beads onto the yarn first. Luckily, they are fun to make and I enjoyed sitting beside my coffee table and working on this part of the project.

Beading needleTo string your beads onto your Cascade Ultra Pima, you will need a beading needle and about 12″ of thread. I use a plain sewing needle for beading, and it works great! Thread your needle, and tie the two ends of the thread together to create a loop. Then, insert your yarn tail through the loop and fold it down so it is beside your working yarn.

Beads for small tree

After you’ve strung your beads onto your yarn, you will leave a long tail for sewing, then alternate plain chain stitches with beaded ones.

To work a beaded chain stitch, slide one bead up near your hook, then yarn over and pull through the loop on your hook. This will catch the bead in the chain, and it will show up on back bump on the the wrong side.

Finished garlands

Now that I’ve made my garlands, the next step is to sew them onto my trees. To do this, I will put the crocheted trees onto the foam cones and attach the garlands with a running stitch using the long tails I left.

Don’t try to sew the garlands on with the trees off of your foam cones because they will probably end up too tight. I learned this the hard way when I made the first set!

Have you made your garlands yet? Did you find the beading easy? There’s still time for you to order your Christmas Tree Trio kit and join in on the crafty fun!

I love the look of these beaded chains so much that I’m thinking of making bracelets using the same technique! Would you wear a bracelet like that? We love hearing from you, so don’t forget to tell us your thoughts here or on Facebook!

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