Sonoma Shawl Crochet Along – Third time’s a charm

After much deliberation, I decided to try the beautiful Sonoma Shawl with a smaller hook to try to get the correct gauge. My gauge was a bit looser than the pattern calls for, and I figured it would only grow when I blocked it. Since I kind of liked the fabric I created with my H hook, I used a new ball of yarn instead of unraveling it. I worked through row 10 with a G hook and compared my two “swatches” side by side. While the fabric I crocheted with an H was nice, the one made with a G is perfect! It matched the gauge of the original sample, and it looked a bit crisper and cleaner than the looser swatch.

Sonoma G hook
My trusty G hook

As I started this gorgeous pattern for the third time, I realized how much I love patterns that can work as their own gauge swatch. Just work to around row 10 so you can measure your gauge, and if you like it you can just keep on stitching!

Sonoma G hook close up
This stitch pattern is amazing!

By the way, I am head over heels for this stitch pattern! The puffs create a cool geometric design, and they give the fabric such a fun vibe. Now that I have my gauge down and I’m in the groove, I think this project will be smooth sailing from here on in.

How is your Sonoma Shawl coming along? Did you try out a couple hook sizes to get your gauge right, or did you love it the first time? Share pictures and stories with us here, on Facebook, or on Instagram! We love hearing how your projects are going, and we’re always here to help if you run into trouble.


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