One Hour Cowl Crochet Along – This stitch will steal your heart!

I started my One Hour Cowl, featured in our special Crochet More Issue, last week, and I’ve already made a fair amount of progress! Even though I’m in lazy crafting mode (as opposed to feverish, obsessive crafting mode) as I enjoy the last few weeks of summer, this project is flying off my hook.

One Hour Cowl 2
Savoring the summer with some outdoor crafting

This cushy yarn is getting me excited for fall weather, but I decided to take my crocheting outside on one warm, sunny day. As I worked the easy, repetitive stitch pattern, I began to understand why Kathy, the designer, loves it so much. It’s a breeze to crochet, and the results are fantastic! I was able to crochet my heart out and still keep an eye on my daughter as she decorated our front stoop with some sidewalk chalk. The fabric is both plush and stretchy, and I can’t wait to wear this cowl! I may slip into obsessive crafting mode.

One Hour st patt
This amazing texture is so easy to create!

Have you finished your cowl yet? Even though this project flies by, you still have time to order your One Hour Cowl kit! You are guaranteed to be smitten with both the yarn and the stitch pattern, and this pattern is perfect for any crocheter. Be sure to share your progress with us here or on Facebook too! We love seeing your works-in-progress and finished pieces!

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