Filet crochet patterns and inspiration

Filet magThe Crochet More Issue of Love of Crochet is full of fast and fun projects, and the Stitch Dictionary in this issue, featuring 3 filet crochet patterns, is no different. Filet crochet is such a quick and easy technique, but it can be used to create impressive, elaborate designs. As you work filet, you are basically forming “blocks” that can either be filled in with double crochets or left open by chaining and skipping stitches to leave a hole. This technique is addictive once you get started, so grab a copy of our Crochet More Issue for a more in-depth explanation.

Heart larger

The 3 patterns in this Stitch Dictionary create modern, geometric designs, all using only chains and double crochet stitches! I’d love to make an afghan using one of these stitch patterns because the fabric would be warm, but the open blocks would allow it to breathe. For now, this helpful article has inspired me to reignite my own passion for filet crochet, and I’ve stitched up a simple heart motif to get my filet fix until I can begin my “someday afghan.”

Cozy Cowl

Any of these stitch patterns would also make a beautiful scarf or cowl, and there really is no limit to the projects you could create with them! Once you’ve gotten the hang of filet crochet, make the Cozy Cowl from our Winter 2012 Issue. This easy, filet-inspired cowl is worked in worsted weight yarn, so you can finish it in no time.

Have you ever tried filet crochet? Whether you’re a seasoned filet crochet veteran or an inspired first-timer, the patterns in this Stitch Dictionary are simply irresistible!

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