Coming soon – One Hour Cowl Crochet Along!

Don’t you just love quick projects that make a big impact? The One Hour Cowl from our special Crochet More Issue is one of those easy accessories that can transform any outfit from basic to beautiful!

One Hour Cowl_800px
Kathy’s cowl in Meadow

I fell for this design the first time I saw the sample, and I immediately put it at the top of my list of “someday projects.” This incredibly soft cowl was designed by Kathy, our art director, and she was amazed at how quickly it worked up. Although she didn’t time herself with a stopwatch as she made it (although that actually sounds like fun!), she estimated that it only took about an hour to crochet.

I’m inviting you to make the One Hour Cowl with me as our next crochet along! This accessory is a great example of the quick yet stylish projects in our Crochet More Issue, and it’s going to be a blast to make. Since I’m in lazy summer crafting mode, I’ll be taking it slowly and savoring each part of the process. However, if you are in the mood for a speedy project (or a speed-crocheting competition, anyone?), I would be THRILLED to see exactly how long it takes you to make this beauty!

Whether you are going to take your time or race to the finish, get your One Hour Cowl kit today so you’ll be all set to join me. It would be tough to find the yarn alone for the price of the kit, so this is a great project for budget-conscious crafters.

My color choice – Cinnamon

The Chunky yarn by Misti Alpaca is so luxurious, you simple have to feel it. The six color choices range from versatile neutrals to fun brights, so there is a color for every crocheter. Kathy used Meadow for the original sample, and I’ve chosen Cinnamon for my cowl because I’m a sucker for this rich burgundy tone. The kits come with the pattern and 2 skeins of Chunky by Misti Alpaca, which is everything you need to make this easy design.

We’re starting our crochet along on Friday, August 22nd, and I can’t wait to wear my One Hour Cowl! Which color kit are you getting?

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