Photo shoot vocabulary

We just wrapped up our winter photo shoot, and as always, we had a great time! It is so much fun to see the designs we feature “in action.” We get to play around with different ways to style them, and we’re always saying, “Ooh! I’d wear it like that!”

Model winter photo shoot
JC capturing a gorgeous moment in stunning knit accessories

During our shoot, we realized that we say some other things that might sound foreign to our wonderful models. It seems that we’ve developed our own sort of “photo shoot lingo” over time, and it can be pretty funny. Take a look at a few of the terms and phrases we throw around during our photography days, and try not to laugh at us too hard!

Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet Photo Shoot Vocabulary

This little guy – Kathy uses this cute phrase to describe just about anything from a garment to a prop. Example – Let’s get this little guy in the shot.

Model sitting
Getting down and dirty for the perfect shot!

Exorcist head – When we are shooting a garment from the back and we ask the model to turn her head as far around as she can so we can get her face in the picture. Example – How much can you exorcist your head?

Close up pretty shot (CUPS) – An angled shot that fades out into the distance. Example – JC, can you get my close up pretty shot?

Medical shot – A photo taken straight forward to show the details of a project. Example – Now get the straight-on medical shot.

Danielle’s see-through pretty shot – A photo of a project taken so you can see the light shining through the openwork. Example – Ooh! The lace on this shawl will be perfect for Danielle’s signature see-through pretty shot!

Head rotations – When the model moves her head around to give different angles and expressions. Example – Don’t angle your body too much because we want to see the sweater, but feel free to do any kind of head rotations.

Model barefoot
Who needs shoes when you’re rocking an amazing poncho and your feet aren’t in the shot?

 While JC takes stunning photos of our amazing handmade projects, I’m busy taking behind-the-scenes shots for Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet. Follow us on Instagram for more funny, beautiful, candid pictures of photo shoots, fun around the office, and so much more.

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