We’re learning new skills – stay tuned for details!

It’s no secret – all of us here at the Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet office love us some yarn! Every now and again we’ll take an hour or so to chat, craft, and share our latest works-in-progress. Some of us are knitters and some are crocheters, so it’s fun and inspiring to see what you can create if you trade your needles for a hook or vice versa.

Kid learning to knitWell, we’re taking that inspiration to the next level! Kathy, a crochet-aholic, and Danielle, a nifty knitter, will be swapping their crafting tools. Crochet will always be my first love, but I do a bit of knitting as well, so I’ve decided to try Tunisian crochet because it seems like a cool hybrid of the two. Jen, our Editor-in-Chief, has tried almost everything – except Tunisian entrelac! She’ll be picking up her hook to see how well her knitting entrelac skills transfer to crochet.

We’ll choose our projects next week and share them with you on Friday, July 18th. Visit us here on our blog or on Facebook to see what we pick and wish us luck on our new crafting adventures!

Fourth of July YARN BOMB!

You all, our wonderful fellow crafters, sent us hundreds of stars for our nation-wide Fourth of July yarn bomb! We hung them all across Colorado so everyone who passed by could enjoy them as we celebrated our country over the weekend. We hope they continue to inspire passersby to think about our sense of community and how so many people came together to create these fun, patriotic displays.

Jen yarn bomb
Showing our pride at the Rapid’s game

We can’t thank you enough for participating, and we’ve already sent out prize packages to our giveaway winners. The messages some of you included with your stars truly touched us, and we are honored to share one of them here.

The message below is from Elizabeth in Chicago.

I would like to dedicate my stars to my father (a veteran), my brother-in-law (also a veteran), my friend Lisa (currently in the Army), and all those who are away from their families. Remember, we love you.

And finally to my grandparents, who in my eyes had the best love story. They were married on the 4th of July. They were married for over 50 years. I want a love like that.

Kathy yarn bomb
Adding some red, white, and blue to the 4th of July parade route in La Veta, CO

Again, thank you so much for sending stars and for spreading the word about our Fourth of July yarn bomb. We always love seeing  your knit and crocheted handiwork and coming together through craft.

Bench yarn bomb
A patriotic park display in Denver
Tree yarn bomb
Another fun red, white, and blue display at the park
Danielle yarn bomb
A colorful creation right outside the Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet office in Golden, CO

Sleeping on the job — Olive Twist Crochet Along

I tried working on my Olive Twist shawlette over this 4th of July weekend during our little road trip, but realized very quickly that crocheting in the car puts me to sleep! The lull of the car, napping kids, and the repetitive pattern quickly overcame me. I managed to finish just one row before dozing off and slacking at my co-pilot duties. At the end of the road trip, I didn’t get as much done as I was wanting over this weekend. I’m hoping to finish some more rows this week and get an idea of what size I actually want my shawl to be.

20140707_073901_row28_smBy now, you might already be done with your Olive Twist shawlette. You only needed to go to row 24 and then crochet a few rows of the border and edging patterns to finish. I decided early on I wanted a larger shawl, so I’ve gone further on the main shawl pattern and I am now on row 28. It’s a pretty decent size, but I am looking for a larger shawl style for myself.

How is your Olive Twist coming along? Are you sticking with the pattern size or going further for a larger shawl like I am? Either way, you can still buy the kit online and start making your shawlette now!

Individual digital patterns from our Summer Issues are now available!

Our Summer 2014 Issues are packed with projects we can’t wait to stitch up, and now these gorgeous designs are available as individual digital patterns! Digital patterns make it easy to print only the sections you need or use your tablet or laptop for on-the-go crafting. Check out these summery projects, and grab a few before you head out on your next vacation or weekend getaway!

JCL_LOK_140120-4538_200pxCrocheters will be over the moon after seeing the Mulberry Stitch Sampler Scarf. This creative accessory uses shell and star stitches for fabulous texture. If you’ve never worked a star stitch, check out our free star stitch tutorial and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Peony PurseThe Peony Purse is high on my list of must-have crochet projects. The ruffles create a fun look that’s perfect for summer! It will go beautifully with my typical weekend uniform, sandals and a tank top, and the lining instructions are simple enough that I’m planning to add some cute fabric to the inside.

Diamond Swimsuit WrapIf you’re heading to the pool or beach to beat the heat, the Diamond Swimsuit Wrap is an awesome way to show off your crafty skills and add the finishing touch to your swimwear. The adjustable size ensures a perfect fit, and the buttons add a cool design element.

Pear SorbetKnitters, have you been drooling over the Pear Sorbet Shawl? The stunning lace panel is easier to stitch up than you’d think, so this project would make a great travel companion. I love wearing shawls in the summer because they are light and easy to carry, but they offer the perfect amount of coverage when the air conditioner is blasting.

Cameron HoodieThe Cameron Hoodie would make a stylish and casual swimsuit cover-up, but it would also look amazing paired with jeans or shorts. The fabric is light and comfortable, and this piece would transition nicely into fall layered over long sleeves.

Wispy WillowThe short-sleeved Wispy Willow Cardigan looks beautiful over a camisole or summer dress. Knit with CoBaSi by HiKoo, the fabric has incredible drape. The lace panels are simply striking, giving this pattern a special place in my heart.

Of course, if you can’t decide which of these awesome patterns to make first, get the full Summer 2014 Issue of Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet to make your decision easier and get the best value! My crafting queue keeps getting longer and longer because of  these amazing summer patterns! What types of projects do you love to make in the summer?