More helpful picture tutorials from Love of Crochet!

When I first tried to create an adjustable ring (AKA magic loop) at the beginning of a project, I ended up feeling pretty confused and frustrated. The strands of yarn in my hands looked strange and awkward, and I wasn’t even sure if I was on the right track. If this sounds like something you’ve experienced recently, we have you covered!

Bubble Gum Twist hatWe have added 3 new picture tutorials to our website to help you avoid any “creation frustration.” Now, you can learn to create an adjustable ring at the beginning of your project to minimize the hole at the top of hats and amigurumi designs or in the center of some motifs. Once you master this technique, make the beautifully cabled Bubble Gum Twist Hat as a quick and easy accessory.

Tea Time FascinatorDoes your pattern call for linked double crochet stitches like the adorable Tea Time Fascinator from our special Crochet More Issue? Have no fear! Check out our linked double crochet picture tutorial, and you’ll be on your way to creating these denser versions of the classic double crochet.

Mira Shell

You can also eliminate your starting chain by working a row or round of foundation single crochet. The Mira Shell is a gorgeous example of a project using this technique, and the result is a polished bottom edge that stretches with the garment.

We invite you to expand your crochet skills and use our handy tutorials to try these techniques. Once you see our step-by-step photos and instructions, you’ll find that these techniques are much simpler than you could have imagine. Are there any other stitches or techniques you’d like to see broken down into a tutorial? Leave a comment here or visit us on Facebook to let us know!

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