Crochet Along–Olive Twist Shawlette

OT_CAyarnFor the Olive Twist pattern, I decided to change up the color and chose Teal from Rowan’s Creative Linen yarns. They had so many beautiful colors, it was hard to choose. I may have to make more shawlettes so I can use the other colors! You still have time to buy the kit online and crochet along with us!

This is only the 2nd pattern I’ve ever followed and I’m going to tell you right now that I struggled with this pattern. Struggled. I was ready to give up.

And that was just Row 2.

I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what “turn work clockwise to twist loop” meant. Turn the whole work clockwise so I am working at the top of the project? How is that going to twist the loop? Turn clockwise? When do I stop turning the work? Where am I going to put the next stitch? I’m done. Done.

Jen, our editor, asked me how I was doing with my crochet along. She saw my dejected, frustrated, roll-my-eyes look and knew something was wrong. It took a few seconds to muster some strength, but I managed to explain how frustrated I was that I couldn’t get past row 2. I felt like a big loser—I couldn’t get past the second row of a crochet pattern.

I brought in my project and showed her where I was stuck. She took a look at my project and studied my stitches, looked at the pattern in the magazine, looked back at my stitches and quickly explained what I needed to do.

Instead of turning the ENTIRE project, which is what I had stuck in my head, Jen said, “just twist the loop.” That’s it? Twist the loop? You mean I racked my brain over this? It appears I wasn’t reading the first line of row 2 close enough—it said, “in loop sp, turn work clockwise to twist loop.” In loop space. Ohhhhhh…

20140602_141459_OTOk, note to my future crochet-pattern-reading self, read the entire line of the instruction closely and it will probably make more sense and save your crochet self esteem from future torment.

Once I (actually Jen) figured this out, the rest of it made sense. I’m up to Row 4 now and it is beginning to look like the beautiful shawl I saw when we photographed it for the Love of Crochet Summer issue.

20140612_172817_row4Finished_OTLet me know how your Olive Twist is coming along and whether or not you’ve had those stuck moments. I would love to know I’m not the only one!

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