A-ha moments in crafting

Earlier this week, we asked our friends on the Love of Knitting Facebook page about their favorite a-ha moments in crafting. We all love times like these, because these are the moments when something about our craft suddenly clicks in our minds. We heard some fabulous responses from our knitting friends, and hearing your responses inspired us to share our own crafting epiphanies.


Jen – My biggest a-ha moment was when I figured out how the stitches connect together. After that I was able to pick up missing yarn overs, fix dropped stitches, correct cables by dropping down the stitches, and even correct some lace patterns. You just have to “read” the pattern / stitches and you can see how everything connects and comes together.

Kathy – My a-ha moment was when I learned how to increase when I was making my first hat—I was stunned! Increases and decreases made perfect sense at that very moment!

Jamie – Being a crocheter first, I used my old locking stitch markers when I started knitting. It was a long time before I realized that I didn’t have to clip them onto the actual stitches as I knit and move them after each row or round – I can just put them directly on the needle! This isn’t a huge a-ha moment, but it makes life a little easier!

Did you share your favorite a-ha moments with us yet? We’d love to hear them, so share them with us here, on Facebook, or on Twitter. When did the lightbulb suddenly come on for you?

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