Crafting deadlines

I’m currently in the process of making a few gifts, so I’ve been thinking a bit about crafting deadlines. For many of us, the idea of crafting “due dates” often comes up around the holidays when we are rushing to finish projects for everyone on our list.

yarn clockAlthough the eagerness to finish a knit or crocheted project by a certain date can feel… stressful (is that an understatement?), I’ve found that it can also be helpful. Left without a deadline, I’ve put many a project away for months or years at a time. In fact, I can think of one half-finished dress I was/am making for my daughter. I should dig it out and finish it, but I’m afraid it might fit her more like a shirt at this point.

How do you feel about knitting or crocheting due dates? Do you find them helpful, stressful, or a bit of both?


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