Spring Crochet Along – Rebel without a gauge swatch

Last Friday, I crocheted the first stitch of my Periwinkle Mitts from our Spring Issue, and I am now about half way finished with the first mitt. However, I do have a confession to make…

Peri Mitts half of first one

I didn’t make a gauge swatch! Since these gorgeous mitts are such a small project, I decided I wouldn’t mind if I had to rip back and start again. Also, since they are worked from side to side and the pattern simply calls for extra repeats to make them wider, I knew I could easily adjust the circumference if I needed to.

I love the look of the ribbing created by this unique stitch pattern! The slip stitches create a fabric that almost looks knitted, and the clusters and twisted stitches give these mitts some fabulous texture. Fantastic by Kollage is a dream to work with, and it feels both soft and sturdy when it has been crocheted.

How are your mitts coming along? Did you make a gauge swatch before you started?


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