Summer Crochet Along – Coming soon!

JCL_LOK_140122-5718-2_200pxOur Summer Issue is now on sale, and we hope you’ve had some time to browse through the collection of beautiful patterns to decide which one you’re going to make first! We love every pattern in this issue, but the Olive Twist Shawl in particular caught our eye. The filigreed stitch pattern makes for a truly stunning fabric, so we’ve decided to make it for our next crochet along!

Kathy, our Art Director, will start this gorgeous accessory on Friday, June 13th. Kits for this project are now available from our Crochet and Knit Shop, and they contain the pattern and all the yarn you’ll need to make the Olive Twist Shawl.

The stitches in this pattern are not difficult, but they are unique and can be a bit tricky at first. We will be offering a handy online tutorial to guide you as you make this wonderful shawl, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on our progress, and we love hearing how your projects are progressing too! We hope to see you crocheting along with us!

Behind the scenes at our holiday photo shoot

We have barely gotten used to the warmer weather, and we are already working on our Holiday Issues! These special issues are so much fun because they are full of great gift ideas, decorations, and beautiful garments and accessories you’ll love wearing during all the festivities. Photographing these issues was just as exciting because we got an early taste of the holiday season.

Holiday lightsWe wrapped presents, decorated our tree, and hung twinkling lights that really complemented the sparkly yarn used in some of the garments. We can’t wait to share these patterns with you!

Holiday guyAs always, we have some handsome men’s garments and accessories you’re going to love! They have a wonderful, subtle style that is easy and comfortable to wear.

Holiday girlOur talented Art Director, Kathy, made some impressive paper snowflakes for our backdrop. Aren’t they gorgeous? This sweater is truly stunning as well, and you’re going to love the stitch pattern!

Holiday amyWe had a blast and made a merry mess photographing our Holiday Issues! It was great to see the featured designs styled and “in action.” Many of them can be worn in several different ways, so you’ll be able to personalize your look and let your style shine.

Do you want to see more behind-the-scenes photos from our shoot? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and see what we’ve been up to!

Be part of our Fourth of July YARN BOMB and GIVEAWAY!

usa starWe want to celebrate America’s birthday with a bang – and we don’t just mean fireworks! We would like to invite crafters across the country to come together with us in order to create a Fourth of July yarn bomb. Let’s  show that we are united in craft and country by being part of this nation-wide, patriotic yarn bomb!

To participate in this exciting collaborative event, simply knit or crochet a small star (or a bunch of stars!) and send it to us. Then, we’ll hang the stars in a public place for others to enjoy on Independence Day. If you would like to dedicate your stars or include a brief message, we will be sharing these messages on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. When the Fourth of July festivities are over, we will stitch the stars together and create a garland to be donated to a local veteran’s center.

You are welcome to use any star pattern you like, but we have included a quick and easy crochet pattern below if you’d like to use it. All colors and yarn weights are welcome, but remember to leave a loop so we can hang your beautiful star!

As a bonus, we will be giving away 10 prize packages to yarn bomb participants. Each star you send will count as one chance to win, so feel free to send a bunch! We will randomly choose our 10 winners on July 7th and announce them on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. We can’t wait to see all of your stars and share them with the world!

Free Star Pattern

Measurements: Approx 2¾” across x 2½” tall

Materials: Worsed weight yarn, U.S. size I-9 hook, yarn needle

Ch 4, leaving a long tail.
Rnd 1: 9 dc in 4th ch from hook, join with a sl st.
Rnd 2: *[Sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc] in next st, sl st in next st, rep from * around, join with a sl st to first sc.

Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Weave both ends to the tip of one point. Make a knot approximately 4″ away from the star to create a hanging loop.

Please send stars to us at:

Love of Knitting/Love of Crochet

741 Corporate Circle, Suite A

Golden, CO 80401

Spring Crochet Along – We’re finished with our Periwinkle Mitts!

Last weekend, I put the finishing touches on my Periwinkle Mitts from our Spring Issue! I love the plush fabric created by the Kollage Fantastic yarn, and the weather has been just right for these stylish fingerless gloves.

Peri Mitts two done

The seaming technique used created a nearly invisible join, and the cluster stitches formed a beautifully textured pattern. I enjoyed this project so much that I might make several more pairs to give as gifts!

If you haven’t started your own set of Periwinkle Mitts, get your kit today! The kits contain the pattern and all the yarn you’ll need to make these gorgeous mitts. With 5 beautiful colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect hue for you!

Charity Spotlight – American Angels

knit usa starMemorial Day is just around the corner, so we would like to introduce you to a wonderful charity that provides handmade knit or crocheted blankets to wounded soldiers and families of those who lost their lives serving our country. American Angels provides laphans to wounded soldiers to thank them for the sacrifice they have given. They also collect and distribute comforting “heroghans” to military families who have lost loved ones.

American Angels accepts handmade blankets from knitters or crocheters who would like to donate to this meaningful cause. They also provide care packages to troops as yet another way to thank them for their service. Visit their page to learn where you can send these wonderful gifts so they can be distributed to those who have already given us so much.

Spring Crochet Along – Periwinkle Mitt kits are now available!

I am almost finished with my Periwinkle Mitts from our Spring 2014 Issue of Love of Crochet! I’ve completed about half of my second one, and they are looking great. Mornings here in Colorado are still a bit chilly, so I’m looking forward to wearing these cute fingerless gloves. I might also wear them at work when the air conditioner is blasting, so they can keep my hands warm while I type!

Peri Mitts one and a half

If you are eager to start making these gorgeous mitts, be sure to get a kit from our Crochet and Knit Shop! Kits include the Kollage Fantastic yarn as well as the pattern, so you’ll have everything you need to get started. With 5 beautiful color options to choose from, there is a kit for every crafter!

If you’ve already started crocheting along with us, how are your mitts coming along? If you haven’t started yet, which kit are you eyeing?

Spring Crochet Along – One down!

I finished one of my Periwinkle Mitts from our Spring Issue, and it fits perfectly! I made the largest size because I didn’t want my mitts to be too snug. At one point, I noticed that I had gained a stitch by crocheting the first stitch of one row into my turning chain. I think that working with mostly slip stitches makes it a little trickier to keep track, so I’ve begun counting my stitches after every row to be sure I haven’t gained or lost any.

Peri Mitts one done

How are your mitts coming along? Have you made any “booboos” like I did? Remember, we are always here to help if you’re having trouble. We also LOVE hearing how your projects are coming along, so leave us a message below or on Facebook to tell us how it’s going. If you want to join us in making these gorgeous mitts (Fantastic by Kollage is so plush and easy to work with), grab a copy of our Spring Issue to get started!

Crafting deadlines

I’m currently in the process of making a few gifts, so I’ve been thinking a bit about crafting deadlines. For many of us, the idea of crafting “due dates” often comes up around the holidays when we are rushing to finish projects for everyone on our list.

yarn clockAlthough the eagerness to finish a knit or crocheted project by a certain date can feel… stressful (is that an understatement?), I’ve found that it can also be helpful. Left without a deadline, I’ve put many a project away for months or years at a time. In fact, I can think of one half-finished dress I was/am making for my daughter. I should dig it out and finish it, but I’m afraid it might fit her more like a shirt at this point.

How do you feel about knitting or crocheting due dates? Do you find them helpful, stressful, or a bit of both?

Mother’s Day gift ideas

A handmade gift is a wonderful way to show your mom how much she means to you and thank her for everything she does. We’ve rounded up a few fabulous projects that are sure to make her heart swell. Some are quicker to make than others, but remember that you can always save these gems for next year if you’re pressed for time.

IMG_0404_ADJ_200pxIf you inherited your love of knitting from your mom, the Vacation Project Bag will make a sweet and thoughtful gift. She’ll carry her current works-in-progress with pride in this fun tote, and you can fill it with her favorite candies and a gift card to the spa to treat her to a well-deserved mini-vacation.

lilac leavesGive your mom the gift of glamour with the Lilac Leaves Scarf. The stunning lace pattern exudes grace and sophistication, and she’ll have a blast showing it off when you take her out for brunch.

Pearl_cuff_200Crocheters, the Pearl Cuff is a quick and lovely accessory you can make in your mom’s favorite color. Pair it with the Beaded Spiral Earrings for a set of jewelry she’ll always treasure.

MoonstoneCowl_DSC2532_200pxThe beautiful Moonstone Cowl will keep your mom warm in a chilly office or theater. Take her to see the movie she has been talking about for a wonderful Mother’s Day together.

Are you giving your mom a handmade gift this year? Don’t worry – we won’t spoil the surprise! I am making my mom one of the fun projects above, so stop by again on Friday to find out which one!

Spring Crochet Along – Rebel without a gauge swatch

Last Friday, I crocheted the first stitch of my Periwinkle Mitts from our Spring Issue, and I am now about half way finished with the first mitt. However, I do have a confession to make…

Peri Mitts half of first one

I didn’t make a gauge swatch! Since these gorgeous mitts are such a small project, I decided I wouldn’t mind if I had to rip back and start again. Also, since they are worked from side to side and the pattern simply calls for extra repeats to make them wider, I knew I could easily adjust the circumference if I needed to.

I love the look of the ribbing created by this unique stitch pattern! The slip stitches create a fabric that almost looks knitted, and the clusters and twisted stitches give these mitts some fabulous texture. Fantastic by Kollage is a dream to work with, and it feels both soft and sturdy when it has been crocheted.

How are your mitts coming along? Did you make a gauge swatch before you started?