Crocheted Coral Reefs – Ecology through craft

Sometimes crafts are a way to relax or show someone we care through a thoughtful gift, but they can also be an effective outlet for expressing ideas to a large audience. Many crocheters are stitching up impressive, lifelike replicas of stunning coral reefs in order to raise awareness about the disappearance of these important underwater ecosystems.

coral reef

Coral reefs are created over the span of many, many years, and these crafty crusaders are stressing this point by showing the time that goes into creating these stunning crocheted sculptures. Many crocheters work together to create one display, and this is a humbling reminder of the millions of plants and animals that work together within a coral reef.

This is another fabulous example of “craftivists” using their skills to make an important point, and we love how crafts give us all another way to express ourselves. What do you think about these crocheted creations?

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