The Snuggles Project – Handmade blankets for homeless animals

Since we recently celebrated National Puppy Day, a day for recognizing man’s best friend and encouraging people in the market for pets to adopt, we would like to introduce you to a wonderful charity dedicated to helping and comforting animals in shelters. The Snuggles Project is affiliated with Hugs for Homeless Animals, and they provide donated handmade blankets to shelter animals around the world.

dog and cat with yarn

The simple gift of a blanket means so much to cats and dogs in shelters. They are physically and mentally comforted by the softness and warmth, and they seem to sense the love and thought that went into each stitch. When the animals feel more at ease, they show off the happy, tail-wagging side of their personalities and are more likely to get adopted.

To donate a knit or crocheted blanket, take it to a participating shelter (look for the kitten icon) with a completed Snuggles Donation Form. This program is an inspiring way to make a difference in the life of a shelter animal even if you’re not looking for a pet.

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