Crochet Along–The other side

My Raspberry Tart Scarf from our Winter 2013 Issue is almost finished!

For my first pattern, albeit an easy one, this scarf is moving along quite smoothly. Once you get the stitch pattern down, you definitely get into a rhythm. I’ve worked up to row 2 on the other side of the scarf, and it looks awesome!

Row6_Closeup_Side1_CAM00117I have noticed that I refer back to the chart more often than reading the pattern itself. I’ve noticed this when I have wanted new stitch patterns too. I find it seems easier for me to use charts more often than the pattern itself, although I definitely use them in conjunction with one another. Do you have a preference?

Also, since I have been following this pattern, I realized it might actually be easy to follow other patterns as well. Did I just say that?

How is your scarf coming along? Comment here or share on Facebook or Twitter! I’m in the home stretch so I hope to finish it in the next week.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Spring 2014 Issue hitting newsstands on March 25. Lots of gorgeous projects you don’t want to miss!

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