Behind the scenes

We took some time out of the office earlier this week to photograph the fabulous projects for our Summer SIPs. These are special issues that you can pick up May 27th (Love of Knitting) or June 25th (Love of Crochet). It was wonderful spending time at such amazing locations, and we are excited to share some fun behind-the-scenes photos of our shoot.

Fancy Tiger
Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver

On Monday we photographed some great projects at Fancy Tiger Crafts. It was such a treat to be surrounded by all of this beautiful yarn! The selection is outstanding, and the people are extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

Wonderland Homes crochet
Wonderland Homes in Northfield, CO – Heritage Models

Next, we shot a few more awesome projects at the Wonderland Model Homes. We were all truly impressed by the layout and location of these fabulous homes! They are extremely close to plenty of great shops, and it’s easy to imagine personalizing them and making them your own.

sticks photo shoot march
Villa Parker – Parker, CO

On Wednesday, we photographed the rest of our inspiring items at Villa Parker, a stunning event location. They host weddings, fundraisers, holiday parties, and any other event you can imagine. The gorgeous indoor and outdoor spaces here will definitely inspire and make for amazing memories.

We can’t wait to share the projects in our Summer SIPs with you, but we do have a few more photos we can share now. Follow Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet on Instagram to see all of the behind-the-scenes photos from our shoot, as well as a few more sneak peeks of the fun projects being featured!


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