The joys of untangling

Taking a cue from the Spring 2014 Issue of Love of Knitting, I took a bit of time to organize my yarn stash yesterday. As I sifted through my collection, I found a few skeins I had forgotten about – including one that had somehow transformed into a tangled mess of yarn. Actually, I have a feeling it ended up that way because back when I was making something with it, I pulled my working yarn from the center, letting it slowly become a hollow shell of its formerly plush self. Then, I must have stuck this poor, snarled skein into my yarn closet, leaving it to become more knotted and twisted over time.

tangled yarnAfter finding this tangled skein, I decided that even though it was only a small amount and wasn’t very expensive, I couldn’t bring myself to toss it. After all, it was my fault it ended up this way. Determined, and with nothing else to do that evening, I sat down and began the tedious task of untangling this poor mess of yarn.

As I unknotted lengths and lengths of yarn and wound it into a ball, I realized that I truly didn’t mind doing it. There was something constructive and soothing about taking a crazy, jumbled mess and winding it into a neat and useful ball of yarn. I like to think that this says something about me being a very orderly (hah!) and patient person, but perhaps the feeling of yarn running through my fingers is really what made this job enjoyable for me. In any case, my poor tangled skein is now wound into a tidy ball and ready to be used, and this is a win for any crafter.

This experience got me thinking – I can’t be the only person who enjoys untangling yarn! Are there any crafty tasks that others seem to dread (weaving in ends, turning a heel, seaming), but you secretly enjoy?


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