American Heart Month and the health benefits of crafting

February is American Heart Month, so we’re here to give you kudos for regularly participating in a heart healthy activity: crafting! We know that crafting is a wonderful way to reduce stress, and the calming effect it provides improves our heart health as well. Carolyn Serviss, a stamping artist and blogger, wrote an inspiring post about the health benefits of crafting. In her article she says, “Passion for a craft keeps you interested, while the rhythmic and repetitive nature confers the mind-body benefit. Knitting, sewing, crocheting, woodworking and other rhythmic crafts are great choices.”

heart yarn

She also explains the importance of making time for your crafty hobbies. She quotes Dr. Robert Reiner, a psychologist who studied the health benefits of leisure activities, saying, “View your craft as if it were a medication that you need to take every day for optimal benefit. If you stop taking the drug or doing the craft, you’ll lose the benefit.”

With that in mind, we challenge you to take some time to knit or crochet every day for the rest of February (if you don’t already), and we hope this helps you form a habit that  continues beyond American Heart Month. If anyone tries to distract you from this goal, just tell them you’re following doctor’s orders!

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