Inspired by a fellow crocheter

Urban_Chic_Hat_200pxEarlier this week, Kathy posted about her marathon crochet weekend and how she is making scarves and hats for Project Valentine. Like many of you, I was inspired by her post and I decided to make something to contribute to this wonderful cause. I love searching through our past issues and patterns because I can always find timeless designs I can’t wait to make. During one of my “searches,” I came across the Urban Chic hat in our Winter 2012 Issue of Love of Crochet.

Urban Chic Flower

The flower motif at the top is truly stunning, and I found some sequined yarn that complements the design beautifully. I think this will become a go-to pattern for me because after the motif is made and the shaping is complete, it is easy to keep going without having to refer to the instructions. I love a pattern that looks gorgeous, but allows me to just keep stitching!

What are your favorite types of projects to make for charity? Do you have any go-to patterns from our previous issues?

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