Fun with t-shirt yarn

Have you ever spotted a ball of yarn at the store and instantly decided you HAVE to make something out of it? That feeling came over me a while back when I spied some striped t-shirt yarn at one of my favorite shops. I had seen t-shirt yarn before, but the beautiful coral and white stripes inspired me to take this particular ball of yarn up to the register and buy it. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to make, but I was confident I’d figure it out.

t shirt yarn cupLater that evening, I grabbed my hook and whipped up this small container. I decided it needed a decorative finishing touch, so I wove some ribbon through the fabric and tied it in a pretty bow. I found that my new basket is the perfect size for holding these colored pencils I had been trying to find a place for, and I think together they make a fun knick-knack for my desk.

Have you tried t-shirt yarn yet? If you’re looking for a quick, sturdy project, it certainly fits the bill. Check out the T-shirt Bag in our Weekend Crochet Issue for a trendy carryall that’s the perfect size for all your essentials.

t shirt bag

You can also make similar yarn out of spare fabric you find in your closet or at the thrift store. Check out Sari Silk Ribbon by Darn Good Yarn for some fiber inspiration. It’s made from silk remnants, leftover from sari manufacturers in India and Nepal, that are sewn together by fair trade, family-owned co-ops. You can use this yarn in the same kinds of projects as t-shirt yarn, such as the Watercolor Vases from our Spring 2013 Issue of Love of Crochet.

What are your favorite uses for fabric yarn?

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