Our New Year’s Resolutions

Now that everyone on the Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet team is back in the office after the holidays, we’re having fun thinking about our resolutions for 2014. Beginning a new year is the perfect excuse to reflect on the things we can do to make the future even better than years past. Not all of our resolutions are yarn-related, but we wanted to share them with you anyways. Who knows – maybe you can help us keep them!

new year

1. Continue to finish every project I start (no more WIPs)! I made this resolution in 2013 and was pretty good about keeping it last year.
2. Review my backlog of projects to determine what I am actually going to finish and what I should rip out to salvage the yarn for a different project.
3. Begin finishing one WIP per month to clear out the remaining backlog. I would love to get rid of all of my WIPs so I could stop feeling guilty about things I haven’t finished.
4. Stop knitting or crocheting “just one more row,” and leave the house so that I can be 10 minutes early.
5. Try to knit at least 2 pairs of socks in 2014. I have a LOT of sock yarn – and I want to buy more!

My New Year’s resolution is to do more arts and crafts this year! More painting, drawing, photography, and of course, CROCHET!!!

1. Drink more smoothies.
2. Laugh more.
3. Make my bed every day.

1. Listen to more music. Usually I “watch” Netflix as I knit or crochet, but I’d like to branch out occasionally and enjoy some new (or old) music instead.
2. Cook more. I made this resolution in 2013 and I’ve made some progress, but there is still plenty of room for growth.
3. Home improvement!

We’d love to hear about your resolutions or goals for 2014. Whatever they might be, we hope this coming year is your best yet!


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