Spring Photography

The beginning of the week was filled with fun and excitement for us at the Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet office. This may sound crazy since most of us are still gearing up for the holiday season, but we spent the past 3 days photographing the projects for our Spring Issues! Although it’s great to get back into our routine, we always enjoy the process of styling and photographing all of the fabulous designs we feature.

weight room

After seeing all of our knit and crocheted designs on the models, we must say that you’re in for a treat! The projects were impressive and beautiful all by themselves, but when we see someone actually wearing them we realize just how flattering and fashionable they are. We were also stunned by the beauty of our two offsite locations! Above, you can see part of the beautiful lobby of the AMLI at Inverness Apartments in Englewood, CO, along with their fully equipped gym. Below, you’ll see some of the gorgeous built in shelves at the Oakwood Model Homes in Green Valley Ranch, CO. Both of these locations were truly inspiring, and we had a blast shooting our Spring Issues. We can’t wait to share our latest designs with you!

Oakwood shelves

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