4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Now that spring is here, it’s time to freshen things up a bit, don’t you think? Here are some beautiful home décor projects that will add a touch of style to your home. These knitting and crochet patterns are fun and satisfying to make. Feel free to personalize the colors to suit your taste.

easy crochetWatercolor Vases

These charming vases are crocheted with silk recycled from saris. Quick and easy, they are made with single crochet stitches worked in the round.

pillow and throwLazy Afternoon Pillow and Throw

This project also features a unique yarn — it’s created from recycled denim, and is as cushy and durable as your favorite pair of jeans! The set is homey yet modern, with a fun cable pattern.

crochet matThousand Diamonds Table Mat

There’s something exciting about pulling out a new table runner for a special occasion. It’s an easy way to personalize your space, and the added pop of color can change the whole look of the room.

make a pillowTween Dreams Pillow

This pillow would look darling on a little girl’s daybed! The yarn has a hint of sparkle, providing a touch of charm and whimsy. This is quick project you could finish in a weekend.

The crochet patterns mentioned here can be found in the Spring Issue of Love of Crochet, and the knitting patterns appear in the Summer Issue of Love of Knitting. Both are available for purchase online!


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