A Visit to an Animal Rescue

Our last photo shoot took place at The Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals. It’s a beautiful farm located in Parker, Colorado, that’s run by two retired teachers who love animals and want to make a positive difference.

There were all kinds of cute, curious animals wandering around during our photo shoot including horses, llamas, and chickens! Our Art Director Kathy snapped a few behind-the-scenes photos to share with you.

As you can see, the animals added a fun, playful element to our day. While one of our models was getting ready to pose for a photo, a chicken ran by in the background.

Animal RescueSome llamas watched our photographer in action.

Animal Rescue Parker

A little horse was curious to know what was in Jen’s knitting bag!

Animal rescue parkerWe felt lucky to be able to spend our day at the farm. If you’re in the area, try to plan a trip to the farm, or if you are so inclined, donate to help support the important work they do.

The farm welcomes visitors to come spend time with the animals. They’ve worked with groups of scouts, special needs classes, emotionally disabled kids, and foster kids. They also offer spinning and weaving classes to make use of the fiber gathered from their llamas (knitters take note!).

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