Our Friend at Bijou Basin Ranch

Yak Yarn

Meet “Doc,” a handsome yak from Bijou Basin Ranch! This friendly bull is only 9 months old. He lives at a small family owned yak ranch that manufactures top-of-the-line yak yarn and fiber. It’s not too far from the Love of Knitting offices here in Colorado, and our Editor-in-Chief Jennifer has been known to stop by for a visit now and then.

Have you ever tried knitting with yak yarn? It’s warmer and more breathable than sheep’s wool and is as soft as cashmere! You can find out more about Bijou Basin Ranch by reading about them in our Spring Issue. On page 38, we have a photo of Doc when he was just two weeks old! He was super adorable as a baby too, as you can probably guess.

If you are interested in knitting with yak yarn, our new knit-along project is a beautiful lace scarf made with a lightweight silk/yak yarn from Bijou Basin Ranch. You can find out more about this knit along in a previous blog post. We’d love to have you join us!


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